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Cages for sale
All equipment is for sale.
Cages: 24x30(retails new for $49) and 24x36 (retails new for $53)Excellent condition, no rust. Galvanized after floor wire.
Dura-Tray pans: 24x30 (retails new for $15) 24x36 (retails new for $18)Of course excellent condition, can't damage a Dura-Tray.
Water bottles: $1 each. Comes with hanger. Good condition.
Feeders:Square,all metal construction with fastening tabs. Wire screen bottom. 3 trough make these perfect for animals with large heads, such as Holland Lops. (retails new for $2.65) $1 each.
Tattoo equipment: HOLDING BOX for Tattooing Rabbits Wooden box with adjustable heights & lengths to fit all sizes; holds the rabbit in place while you tattoo the ear number. Size 22 x 7 1/2 x 10 high.(retails new for $38.75); 4-digit Stone tattoo tongs, with all digits and complete alphabet. Some ink as well (retails new for about $60)
Carriers: (2)1-hole carriers with handles $8 each; (1) 3-hole carrier with handles, solid dividers $20; (2) 4-hole carriers with handles, solid dividers, vinyl clad wire $30 each
Water dishes for carriers: 1/2 pint capacity, 40 cents each