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Have you ever want someone to notice you but your too scared to go up to them and start a conversation with them or something? Here's a spell that will make the other person come to you.

Cast this spell on a Friday on or during the New Moon.

Materials: A picture of him/her, A picture of you, A large 7 day red candle, come to me oil and a red ribbon.

On the back of the picture of the other person write their Name,Last Name and Birthdate. Do the same on your picture. Now fix the pictures in a way that the person in the picture will look at you in the picture. Use the red ribbon and wrap it around both of the pictures together and chant:

Around, Around you will come to me, around and around you will look at me, around and around you will notice me, around and around talk to me.

Light the candle and say the chat while the pictures are under the candle. Pour the oil on the candle and picture that the person you are interested in is talking to you. Leave the picure under the candle until there is only 1 inch left of the candle, then you may remove the picture and let the candle burn out.



This spell is to "make" someone become more than a friend to you. But Remember you can't force him/her! Don't go against the other person's will.

Materials:A pink candle, four votive pink candles, a picture of him/her, jasmine incence, and a rose quartz.

Light the incense to clease the room from any negativity that'll get in the way of your goal. While its burning put a votive candle on each direction, North, South, East, and West. Light them up (STAY IN THE CIRLE!) Call upon Venus and Diana for their assistance. Put the picture of the person under the pink candle. Light the candle and say:

Attend me now Venus!Bring me the lover I want, make nothing get in the way of my goal,Make him want me, make him love me. Make me part of his soul. Together we will be! Blessed Be!

Blow out the votive candles.

Let the candle burn out and remove the picture when there is only one inch of wax left. Once the candle burns out, scrape any remaining wax and carry it with you when your around the person. GOOD LUCK!

If you have any ideas about what kind of spell I should write about let me know, and I'll do my best to write a spell for your situation.


Have you ever wanted someone back? This spell is perfect then!Perfom this spell on a Friday Night during or on the new Moon but not after the Full Moon.

Materials:Two red body candles ( A male and Female), Two red roses, red ribbon, A picture of you and him/her together, Four red votive candles ,and Come to me oil.

Start by placing a red votive candle on each direction. Pour the come to me oil on them. Cast the Circle and call The Corners invoke Aphrodite, Say the following:

Beloved Aphrodite,

I call upon you now,

Bring back my love to me,

Make him/her see that Im their true love!

Now with the red body candle(his/hers) inscribe his/her name and birthdate at the bottom of the candle.

With yours do the same only with your name and birthdate.

With the red ribbon tie the two body candles together wrap the ribbon around while saying:

Together forever we shall be,

___________you will come to me,

Our love is strong and you love me,

Find the path to return to me!

Blessed Be!

Remove the ribbon and place the picture of the two of you underneath the candles and light the two body candles(while placing them in a position that their facing each other)pour the come to me oil on the candle of the other person. Imagine them returning to you and being happy. Imagine a new and wonderful beggining for the two of you.

Remove the circle and step out and let the candles burn on their own( BE CAREFUL NEVER LEAVE CANDLES UNATTENDED!)(IF YOU CAN PLACE SOMETHING UNDERNEATH THEM THAT WILL NOT BURN)

Think only positive things about the return of him/her and throught time he/she will return to you.


This is a simple spell for another person to only have their eyes on you. Remember you can't force them. If they truly don't see you as their boy/girlfriend then , let it be.You can't force someone against their will.Cast this spell on a Friday during the New Moon. At about 8:00 P.M.

Materials: Two pieces of pink construction paper, six pink votive candles,One pink ribbon, Jasmine incense.

Cast the Circle and Call the Corners. Place a pink lit votive candle in each direction. The two candles you have left, place them in the middle of the circle. On a pink construction paper draw yourself, on the other draw him or her. Light the incense, Once you have finished drawing the pictures, position them so that they are both facing each other (Put a piece of paper on top of the other). Light the two votive candles in the center of the circle. Next with the ribbon, wrap it around the two drawings and say:

Me will be all you see,

All you will do is think of me,

I like/Love you and you will like/love me,

One, Two, Three,

I will be all you see

Blessed be!

Let the candles burn out on their own.


Were you in a relationship or perhaps married? But you still have feelings for him/her and you want them to return? Heres a good spell.

You should only cast this spell on a Friday with the Full Moon is best at about 8:00 P.M. You may also try to cast it while the new moon is out at about 8:00 P.M.

Materials: One marriage candle, Four red votive candles, A picture of you and him/her together, Come to me Oil, A hair of him/her, A hair that belongs to you.

Cast the Circle and Call the Corners. Place a red votive candle in each direction. Invoke Aphrodite by saying:

Goddess Aphrodite,

I call upon you,

I am truly in love with him/her

Bring him/her back to me,

Attend me now,

Blessed Be.

Place the marriage candle in the center, pour the oil on top, light the candle and say:

I will be yours and you will be mine.

Next Place the picture under the candle and say:

Come back to me,

Dont let it end,

I have feelings for you,

And I know you have feelings for me too.

Next tie the two pieces of hair together, place it above the flame (CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF!) and say:

Together forever,

We will be,

Together forever,

You wil come back to me,

This will not end,

Our disagreement we will mend,

Together forever,

You will love me,

Togeter forever

Come back to me!

Blessed Be!

Let the candles burn out on their own.


Do you really Like someone that you want them to think of you night and day and like you too? Heres a great spell! Cast this Spell on a Friday on the New or Full Moon at 8:00 P.M.

Materials:A picture of you , A picture of him/her, A large purple candle, Four purple votive candles, A Pink votive candle, Jasmine incense and Sandlewood Incense.

Cast the Circle and Call the Corners. Place a purple votive candle on each corner, Light up the incense. Place his/her picture on the circle, then place yours on top of his/hers facing each other (so that he/she cant see nothing past you).

Now place both of the pictures underneath the large purple candle, light up the candle and say the following:

You will think of me,

As I think of you,

Night and Day will make you think of me,

____________(person's name)Look at me now,

And see nothing but me,

Think of me Day and Night,

And start liking me,

With harm to none,

Blessed Be!

Now light up the pink candle and the Jasmine incense, and say the following:

____________(person's name)Look at me now,

And fall in love with me,

____________(person's name)Look at me now,

and think of me,

With harm to none,

Blessed Be!

Chant this as many times as you think is necessary.

Let the candles burn out.