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Robyn (fuck nicknames) So...interesting times? I'm glad I met you somewhat For sure the funnest and best girl I've met! I mean...who else would I get drunk with... ;) . I might be a nerd...when it comes to'll pay off someday...hopefully...maybe...damn i hope so!

Pat (TrixRabbit)- Sup Trix A'hoy? Yo I know you want some HIMBY, but I think that's not gonna happen. sorry. Good Times yo.

Alex (Squirlly)- H Dawg was up? I like havin' a liscense, but a working car would be nice. Too bad you don't!

Eich (Elkster)- What up rich boy? How are you doin' with Rebecca? When's the cabin?

Bailey- Pull your pants up, its sick. BHFA

Matt- Sup Carrot? Howz it pimpin with the frosh!?!? Lol jus playin. When was the last time you were sober??

Peter- Sup Outch? You is one good mini golfer! lol JK. Be careful on bikes, the brakes can be pretty ironic sometimes. I wanna drive the Catalina and MG!!!

Andy- How'z liftin'? I've been a slacker, but I'll be in there when my car ghetto shit.

Erddy- Lemme know when we can come chillin in Milton. Hope you're havin' fun there.

Lori- Sup? You rock at track, and uh ya dont know what else to say. hope you had a good summer. JAT

Colleen (a.k.a. Whore!)- How are ya? Don't pull any....well ya know, blonde things. I like your parking jobs. I gotta see the "teen center" soon.

Emily G- I'm glad we became good friends. I like having someone to talk to at 2:30 online or the phone. Thanks for all of your help.

Rani- Rani? What up? Are you and Bailey goin' anywhere? I mean come on?

Riley- Yo we gotta start a new krib next summer. That'll be tight.

Amanda- Howz it goin' with Schneids? lol. You're sister is...strange?. When's Maxima and Lexus time?? Ask your mom for me.

Jess/Katie- You and your friends need to work on your math skills a little more. Although math parties can be kinda fun huh?

Schneids- You get the camera, I'm workin on the iMac. Then we're set to make the big bucks.

Sign my guestbook if ya wanna be in here. I'm not done yet, but if you wanna be in here just let me know. Cyas later.