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Steve Miller's Page


That's me at a costume party....Don't ask.


Hey Was up? Im Steve Miller, I go to Memorial High School and live in Wisconsin. I play FOOTBALL and Baseball for the Spartans. I like 3 Doors Down, Eve6, Fuel, Lifehouse, Oleander, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Papa Roach and tons more. I listen to 92.1 and 94.1 .I think the Badgers and Packers kick ass! Talk to me at Miller Time 045 on aol and email me at .

I'd like to say hi some people: Hey to Lauren, Lori, Amanda S, Meaghan, Pat (Trix), Alex (H Dawg), Jeff (Bareassballer #1), Matt, Tim (YD), Bailey (Bareassballer #2), Andy P, Peter, Katie, Jessica, Hallie, Allie, Shelley, Ben, Ari, Josh, Dan Erdwoman, Jake M, Lauren W, Jorge, Kyle J, Amanda K, Shanna, Laura, Andy G, Joe F, Joe V, Riley, Bartol, Lori, Andrea, Arial, Dejen, Andy N, Sarah and all my homie's from camp and everyone else i know (Let me know if i forgot anyone, SORRY!!!!) Good Times ya'all, RWB - H.I.M.B.Y., S-M

Here are some of my friend's webpages. Check em out! If u gotta page of ur own give it to me and ill add a link.

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