Chapter 3

"AHH!" I screamed and dug my face in to Nick's shoulders and wrapped my hands around him.

"You're not a fan of scary movies are you...?" he asked

"Why do you ask?" I said

"Because this is the 7th time you have done this!" Nick laughed

"So..." I said releasing my death grip off of him.

"Hey...what do you have to drink...Im kinda thirsty." Nick asked

"Well...not much since Faith has not gone to the store in weeks. Is water ok?" I asked

"Sure..." he said as I got up and went in to the kitchen.

"Hey...while your in got any popcorn?" he asked

"Actually yeah...I'll pop some." I said. After the popcorn had finished, I brought in the other room.

"Here ya go." I said handing him a bowl of popcorn and a glass of water.

"Thanks..." he said. After he took a few bites he started to throw some of the popcorn at me.

"Hey!" I said

"What...?" he said as if he didn't know anything. I took a hand full and chucked it at his face.

"You brought it on girl..." Nick said taking the whole bowl and dumping it all over me head.

"You're a dead man!" I said jumping on him. He started to tickle me. As soon as I got ahold of his arms, I pinned them down on the couch.

"Ha!" I yelled and grinning at him. Nick moved his arm and picked some popcorn out of my hair and smiled at me. He brushed my hair out of my face and put it behind my ear. He slowly moved his fingers across my face and rubbed them on my lips. I lowered my head and kissed him. I felt his hands on my neck. After a few minutes, Nick broke the kiss and started to kiss slowly down my cheek to my neck and back to my lips. I felt his hands wrap around me and pull me closer to him. As we continued to kiss, I ran my hands threw his soft blonde hair. I felt his hands slip under my shirt and start to slide it up. The door opened.I pulled away. I looked dover to see Faith.

"Faith...." I said in a panic. I got off of Nick and push my shirt back down.

"Hey" She said "I hope I was not interrupting you"

"No...we are watching a movie" I said

"Oh really....too bad there is nothing on the screen but static." she pointed out

"Well...we just got done!" I said

"Sure..." she said walking in to the kitchen.

"That was a lil close" Nick said

"Yeah..." I said cuddling up next to him. Nick look at the clock.

"Shit...I got to go..I'll call you later

"Ok...,dont you need my number to do that?

"Yeah...that might help..." he said. We exchanged numbers and kissed him once more before he left.

"I'll call you later tonight" he said

"Sounds good to me" I said

"Bye" He said kissing my hand and walking down the stairs.

"Who was that hotty?" Faith asked

"That was Nick." I said with a big grin on my face.

"How did you meet him?" she asked

"Well...actually it's a funny story. When I was typing my midterm, he bumped me and deleted my paper. I was pissed and he was being an asshole so I punched him the nose. The today he pushed me and left me there. Then he followed me home and we went out for dinner and you saw the rest." I said

"Wow...that will be an interesting story to tell your kids..." she said

"Yeah..." I said

Later That Night...2:00 am

The phone rings...

"Hello" I answered

"Hey, This is Nick. Sorry Im calling so late" he said

"It's ok, I was still up." I said

"I just wanted to let you know that I had a really good time tonight. I would like to do it more often." he said

"Me too. I also wanna apologize for me punching you in the library. I hope I didn't cause any damage!" I said

"Show me that your sorry" Nick said

"How?" I asked

"Come over to my place and show me" he said

"Now?" I asked

"Why not...I can't seem to get you off of my mind...I wanna see you again" he said

"Ok...where do you live" I asked

"106 campus drive. In tower 3, room 1097b" He said

"I'll be there in a few." I said

"See ya Sexy" Nick said

"Bye.." I said with a giggle and hung up the phone. I grabbed my coat and keys and walked out the door.

At Nick's place...

I knocked on his door and waited for him to answer. The door opend.

"Hey" Nick said. just as he said those words, I jumped on him and kissed him. I hopped off and sat down on the ground.

"Hello" I said. Nick stood there stunned.

"hello to you too!" he said

"Sit" I demmaded

"Yes master..." he remarked

"Good Nicky..." I said petting his head.

"So what did you want me over for again" I questioned

"Just to see your face." he said

"Just that?" I asked

"Well that depends on you" he said. I crawled on to Nick's lap and wrapping my legs around his waist.I rested my arms on his shoulder.

Chapter Four