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08/24/2001: Power Finally Upgraded!

The signal was finally upgraded over the weekend from 6,000 watts to 25,000 watts. This should enable Razor to get better numbers in the Appleton area.

08/03/2001: Razor Website Up and Running

The website is up and looks pretty nice. The frame arrangement is the same as sister station WAPL's website. It looks really nice and enables Razor to be interactive with its listeners unlike their competition WWWX/WXWX, which does not have a full website. The web address is

07/06/2001: Upgrade Project Completed

The work at the transmitter site is completed and the signal is ready to be boosted. Woodward just needs the go ahead from the FCC which will take 1 to 2 weeks. Thanks to PD Joe Calgaro for the info.

05/21/2001: June 11th?

June 11th is "rumored" to be the big date for Razor. Apparently they have hired a morning show host and that is her/his start date. It is also rumored that the power will be up by then. I should note that the source of these rumors is WZOR/WAPL PD Joe Calgaro.

05/02/2001: When is the Upgrade Going to Happen?

The WZOR signal upgrade to 25,000 watts was scheduled to happen at the end of April, but here we are in May still with 6,000 watts on 94.7 FM. WZOR/WAPL Program Director Joe Calgaro explained exactly what is going on by posting on the WBP Message Board. This is his exact post: "Here's the scoop. Once we rebuilt after the fire, we needed to re-order equipment that was destroyed in the we already had for the power upgrade. That equipment arrives tomorrow (5/2) Then it will take 7-10 working days with good weather for the tower crew to do the work. At best we're 2 weeks from 25,000. At worst we're 4 weeks away. I'm just happy that it's FINALLY happening. To give you the ACTUAL original timeline, we were supposed to be up to 25,000 by the start of the Fall book last year. Worst case scenario was supposed to be December. Nobody is more frustrated than me! Hope that clears it up." Enough said.

03/24/2001: Razor Back On Air

WZOR returned to the airwaves at around 10:45 this morning. They were on and off for awhile, but they seem to be ok now. It is good to have Northeast Wisconsin's hard rock source back. Now the wait is on for that power upgrade at the end of April.

03/08/2001: No Upgrade, Just Repairs

Some new information came in late yesterday. Razor will return to the air in a week with the same 6,000 watt signal, but from the original tower (I assume). They are making the repairs from the December transmitter fire and are installing the 25,000 watt transmitter at the same time. The delay will be getting the tower crew out to the transmitter to hang the antenna. The upgrade to 25,000 watts will happen by the end of April. Thanks again to Calgaro for the info.

03/07/2001: Upgrade Finally in Progress

Razor has been off the air since around 6:00 last night. Today I found out that they are finally upgrading the signal to 25,000 watts. It should be back on the air in a little over a week. Thanks to WAPL's Joe Calgaro for the information.

01/26/2001: Arsonists Found

I do not have much info on this. I just saw on the news that the arsonists that burned WZOR's transmitter were caught and sentenced.

01/10/2001: Rumors from the "WBP Discussion Center."

UPDATE: Could the rumors on the "WBP Discussion Board" be true? Probably not. Let's say that it does happen. As soon as Cumulus got ownership of WZOR, they would program the station exactly like "The Fox." There would still be competition with WAPL. As long as the WZOR subject is being discussed, let me say something that I was thinking about the other day. Could the WZOR transmitter fire have been caused by someone associated with "The Fox?" Maybe they realized that Razor would beat them in the Appleton/Oshkosh ratings if the signal upgrade became a reality. The more likely cause of the fire was probably the same people that broke into the WHID transmitter building and played satanic music. Who's transmitter will get tampered with next?!

There is a post on the "WBP Discussion Board" that says the following: "I heard that the Fox is going to buy Razor from Woodward. They'll keep the Razor as an active rock station and change the Fox back to country to take care of Y100. I heard this from a reliable source." I replied to this post. Here is my reply: "If Cumulus (owns the Fox) does in fact buy WZOR from Woodward, I hope they keep the same program director for Razor. I do not want whoever programs the Fox touching Razor. I also hope that they keep Roxanne Steele, Pete Burns, and Driver. Aww man, I hope I do not have to hear Bill and Ted on Razor! Well, this is just rumors, so I am not going to get too into it." As my post said, this is just a rumor. Stay tuned.

12/30/2000: WZOR Transmitter Fire!

I could not find a news article on this story, but apparently there was a fire at the WZOR transmitter site and the transmitter was burned pretty bad. It looked like they would be off of the air thorugh February, but now the are on air again...probably on a back up. I do not know much about this because I have been in Kenosha all week. The one time something exciting happens in Green Bay radio and I am out of town!

11/24/2000: WZOR Off Air....Again

UPDATE: At 4:59 P.M. CST, WZOR returned to the airwaves....without a signal upgrade.

At 3:21 P.M. CST, I discovered that WZOR 94.7-FM was off the air....again. The last time WZOR was off the air was a little over two months ago. Apparently there were some "technical problems" then. Could WZOR be upgrading their signal this time, since the FCC granted their application for a signal upgrade two months ago? Stay tuned.

10/25/2000: WZOR is Granted Upgrade to 25,000 Watts

On October 6, WZOR 94.7-FM was granted a signal upgrade to 25,000 watts. The signal has not been boosted yet, but hopefully will be soon.

9/5/2000: WZOR Back on Air

WZOR 94.7 fm is back on the air today, but without a signal boost. They must have really had problems at the transmitter site if it took a few days to get back on air. Hopefully the FCC will grant WZOR's application for a signal boost to 25,000 watts so they will have a good chance to compete with WWWX/WXWX in the Appleton area.

9/3/2000: WZOR Off Air

WZOR 94.7 fm has been off the air since this morning, I think. I am not exactly sure why, but I can think of two reasons. Either the storm that passed through the area in the early morning hours hit WZOR's tower hard, or else they are upgrading the signal. I don't know how long it takes to upgrade a signal, so I am not sure what the case is. Hopefully WZOR will return to the airwaves with a stronger signal.

8/20/2000: WZOR Hires Morning Personality

WZOR has named a host for its morning show. Assuming the moniker of Driver, he began working at the station Aug. 14. He comes to WZOR from Columbia, Mo., where he was the morning guy at KFMZ-FM. -From the Appleton Post Crescent

WZOR Applies for Signal Upgrade

WZOR 94.7 fm Mishicot/Green Bay has applied for a signal boost. WZOR currently broadcasts 6,000 watts of power at 328 feet. If the application is granted, WZOR will broadcast 25,000 watts of power at the same height. This will enable them to get a halfway decent signal to Appleton and the Fox Cities. The sensible thing for WZOR to do would be to move their antenna to sister station WAPL's tower. It is closer to Green Bay and the Fox cities. It is also up on a fairly tall cliff.