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Fox Valley Radio
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7/01/2001: Hard Drive Back in the Valley

The Hard Drive radio program has returned to the valley via "The Fox." It was previously run by competitor WAPL. Tonight is the first night it runs on "The Fox."

9/15/2000: A Few Thoughts on "The Fox."

Aww man, the Fox has gotten so bad that I predicted the next song that would be on. I flip the radio on, and when I get to the Fox, a Zeppelin tune starts. It was one I had never heard the Fox play before. Anyways, I am sittin there diggin the tune, and then I think, "I bet that they play Papa Roach next." Sure enough, Todd Kangas comes on: "That was Zeppelin with Livin, Lovin...I love that song...let's keep it goin." (Papa Roach: Last Resort starts playing). Whether you love or hate Papa Roach, you have to admit that a drastic change like that does not sound good. I am sure most of the people that were listening to the Zeppelin tune tuned out when Papa Roach started. They gotta get with it at WWWX-FM. They probably won't considering that they are the top rock station in the Fox Valley. Oh well, just a few thoughts.

9/10/2000: The Fox Hires New Program Director

From the Post Crescent- The Fox recently hired Todd Kangas as the station's program director. Kangas previously worked at WGRD-FM, an alternative radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he was the associate program director and on-air personality. -End Column

Ok, two things can happen here. Either the Fox will start sounding a little more like Lazer103 in Milwaukee, or else it will become more Alternative because of the new PD working at the Alternative Rocker in Michigan.