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WPCK Moves

8/11/2001- WPCK 104.9 FM has now moved to the new facilities in Denmark. -WBP
WPCK Kaukauna moves to Denmark

8/3/2000- False Alarm: WPCK is back on air, still broadcasting from Kaukauna tower.

8/2/2000- WPCK is broadcasting dead air. I checked the station it normally re-broadcasts (wpkr) and they are still on the air. This could be the transmitter change. Stay Tuned.

WPCK Kaukauna has applied with the FCC to move their antenna to Denmark. This will enable a stronger signal and a wider coverage area. The current Kaukauna transmitter broadcasts at 3,100 watts at a height of 462 feet. The new transmitter site will broadcast at 9,750 watts at a height of 522 feet. I have heard the station ID and it says "WPCK Denmark." I am pretty sure that they are still broadcasting from the old antenna, though. I live right by the Kaukauna antenna and WPCK still comes in at 75db. More info on this when it become available.