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12/30/2001: JR106.5 flips to Active Rock

Sheyboygan HOT AC station JR106.5 (WWJR) recently flipped to Active Rock. The calls are now WHBZ and the station IDs as "Sheyboygan's Real Rock 106-5 The Buzz."

1/01/2001: Sheboygan Hot AC Battle

I took a listen to WXER 104.5-FM (104.5 The Point) and WWJR 106.5-FM (JR106.5) when I was going through Sheboygan today. The Point sounded a little stale, playing mostly 80s and ligher stuff. JR106.5 sounded pretty upbeat and played mostly current songs. They were also out on location, so the station sounded pretty good. If both stations keep the same sound, I think JR106.5 will win the battle.

12/21/2000: WWJR goes Hot AC

Two Hot ACs in Sheboygan? Apparently so. A few days ago, WWJR 106.5-FM Sheboygan flipped from Adult Contemporary (AC) to Hot Adult Contemporary (Hot AC). In the spring of this year, WXER 104.5-FM Sheboygan flipped from AC to Hot AC. Is WWJR thinking they have to follow the once competing station? I should note that when WWJR was AC, they sounded more like a Soft AC. I will be going through Sheboygan this weekend, so I will most likely have something to post about the stations when I get back.