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Fox Valley Radio
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05/30/2002: Former Fox Jock Hired

Potsie, former host of "Fox Plugged In," has moved from WWWX-FM to APL. He is currently doing weekends.

04/16/2002: Bob and Brian Network's First Affiliate

It was announced yesterday that WAPL would be the first affilate of the new "Bob and Brian Network" which comes from Milwaukee's Lazer103 (WLZR-FM). APL starts running the show next week. It was also mentioned that the second affiliate would be announced next week. This comes after last week's firing of the "Rick and John Show" staff which was apparently due to low ratings. Bob and Brian plan to cut back on some of the talk about Milwaukee to accomodate the affiliates but can still focus on Wisconsin related topics such as sports teams.

04/13/2002: Morning Show Axed

From the Post-Crescent (front page): Friday brought the unexpected end of the "The Rick and John Show" at WAPL-FM 105.7 and the end of an era for one of the Fox Valley's most popular on-air personalities. The staff was informed that the morning radio show was being canceled effective immediately after Friday's broadcast, said John Jordan, who hosted the show with Rick McNeal. Jordan said both he and McNeal were fired. No reason was given for the show's cancellation. Greg Bell, WAPL general manager, confirmed that the show would no longer air, but declined further comment. For McNeal, it marks the end of a show he started in the mid-1980s. As one of the area's longest-tenured on-air personalities, McNeal became well known for his humor, wit and sarcasm. "If McNeal's not on the air somewhere, the Valley's losing one of the absolute funniest, sharpest-witted guys that I've ever known," said Len Nelson, who shared the microphone with McNeal for 15 years before moving on to another Valley radio job in 1999. "Maybe now he should go find his real calling, writing for a show like Letterman, Leno or Conan O' Brien, which I think he has the talent for." McNeal could not be reached for comment Friday.

04/15/2001: WAPL Using New Voice For Station Liners

Today I noticed that WAPL was using a new voice for its liners. Personally, I do not like it. It changes the station's image because it makes the station sound "old." The previous voice (I think it is called "Flash") had a lot more personality and made the station sound more alive.

02/01/2001: WAPL Releases New Website!

WAPL has just released their new website. All I have to say is: It was well worth the wait! You should definitely check it out. I think I was the first poster on their message board, so you can check out my comments on the website there.

10/1/2000: WAPL Running New Contest

WAPL has started running a contest called "5 in a row or 500 dollars in dough." If they don't play 5 songs in a row, be a certain number caller, and you have $500 cash. This is kid stuff compared to WLUP Chicago's contest "10 in a row or 10 grand in dough." Then again, WLUP is located in Market 3. I do not know if this contest is temporary or will be around for awhile.