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Self Test for QuiKnot's Strength

Arriving at this page tells us you are not
convinced a "knotless tie" could be so strong.

Email us for a sample, then try this simple test

Then you will become a believer:

  1. Fill a gallon milk jug with water, sand or gravel
  2. Find a holder to support the jug around the handle, string, twine, or a light coat hanger will work.
  3. Screw an eye hook into an old wooden broom handle (about 2-3" wider then your hand) or into the bottom of a wooden shelf
  4. Use fishing line strong enough to support the weight of the jug (you don't want the line to break)
  5. Tie one end of the line to the eye hook (you could use another QuiKnot here as well)
  6. Attach a QuiKnot to the "hook" and line, as per instructions
  7. NOTE: Some anglers perfer to bend the QuiKnot down over the line (on the hook end) for added support.
  8. Either lift the milk jug by the wooden broom handle or suspend it from the shelf.

You will be amazed, relieved, and assured QuiKnot can support your "trophy" fish.

Click below to see QuiKnot in action

QuiKnot holding 8# gravel in a 1/2 gallon jug
QuiKnot holding 22# of water in a 2 1/2 gallon jug
QuiKnot holding 15# of gravel in a 1 gallon jug

Lab Test Results

    Recently in our lab, tests were conducted with 2- 25# barbell weights, 80# line, heavy weight QuiKnot (up to 35#, fits through a 2/0 hook) and extra heavy QuiKnot (up to 50# fit through a 5/0 hook not the 2/0)
  1. In the 1st test, we used one 25# weight and the heavy QuiKnot. The test proved the QuiKnot would hold over 25#.
  2. The 2nd test...we used the extra heavy QuiKnot, 2-25# weights were place on the 80# test line with a QuiKnot attached to a 5/0 hook. The 5/0 hook gave way and bent.
  3. Moving to the 3rd test...we fabricated a hook to hold the 2-25# weights. The extra heavy QuiKnot was attached to the hook and 80# test line. The other end had a regular fishing knot hanging from a scale. The fishing knot end snapped.
  4. Finally in the 4th test...we used two extra heavy QuiKnots, one on each end, 2-25# weight, 80# test line with the fabricated hook. Both QuiKnots supported the 50# weight.

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This page was last updated on 6/11/2001