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Cat Pregnancy

Things to have ready for your cat

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General Infomation:
The mother cat is usually called "the queen." At three weeks into the pregnancy, the queen's nipples will become dark pink. Cats usually carry three to five cats. Their gestation period is two months.

Nutrition for the queen::
This information is very important. The queen needs extra protien and vitamins. There are special foods out their for kittens and the queen, usually called growth formula. You may give the growth formula to mother once she is pregnant and while she is nursing. The kittens may be fed the same food as the mother. You may start them off with canned food and gradually add some dry food with it and then altogether with the dry food. Make sure they dont get too accustomed to the canned food or they wont eat the dry food when you give it to them and the canned is more expensive.

Preparing your cat for the birth::
A few days before your cat is due, wash her nipples so all the germs are off and if there is very long hair around the nipples you may trim it so it is easier for the kittens to get to them.

Signs your cat will deliver soon::
1) She may stop eating one or two days before delivery. Preparing your cat for the birth is also important.

What to do:
Put your cat in the room you want her to deliver in. Put the box you have made for her in there.

Your Kittens Physiological Development::
When your kittens are born, they will be able to crawl with their front paws and will rely on their sense of smell to get around. The kittens cannot see since they are born with their eyes shut and their central nervous system is incomplete. They are born with their external auditory systems closed, but they can still hear loud noises. At around six days old your kittens will begin to slightly open their eyes. When your kitten fall asleep be careful not to wake them up. They are developing during their sleep. Interrupting them while sleeping may prevent them from growing because the growth hormone is secreted during differenct phases of deep sleep.

Mother Hen At Work::
Do not worry if your cat is being hostile when you try to hold your kittens. It is normal. The mother will tend to all her kittens needs until they are able to take care of themselves and will then go on to teach them basic social and hunting skills. The mother will clean her kittens and while doing so she is stimulating their urinary functions. She will absorb urine and feces to keep them clean.

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