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Okay the whole world knows about the horrible terrorist act on our country on 9-11-01. We had lost both the twin towers in New York, part of the Pentagon, and who could ever for get the thousands of lives that were lost. Many innocent people have died. Why? Because some people don't like our freedoms that we have...speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition. We can pick our leaders of our government. We can have our voices
heard without fear that we will be killed because of what we believe in. Why should we be punished for something many have fought and died for? Many people have died for this country so we can have these things...and because of the fact there are some that are jealous of what they can't have they destroy it.

Then again maybe its something that they don't want...maybe they gave us a wake up call..telling us that we aren't invincible. They are trying to make us turn on each other. The Arab people who live in this country has much to fear now...because of these acts...racism will rear its ugly head again. It was amazing that something this awful had to happen in order for our country to unite as one. Even though many have come together in this time of need...which is great...just don't judge those of another race because of this incident that had nothing to do with them (i.e. the Arab caulture. I hope I don't offend any of those who are Arab. I don't mean to.)

George Bush had said "That this is a act of war on America." He wants to wipe out terrorism all together. This will be a on going war that will never end.

The world needs to quit their petty bickering back and forth. Our countries need to be able to rely on one another, help each other. Get the poor countries on their feet with clean water,food, and shelter. Its great that America came we need the world to come together.