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Episode II SW:CCG Cards

Well, after years of trying to get the perfect Star Wars web site for me, I've decided to dedicate this to making Star Wars: Episode II SW:CCG cards. As seen on the Jedi Council forums, there is a big thread dedicated to the same thing, which inspired me to bring my cards to the internet. It is now my duty to make all expansions that I would have made had I been Decipher. Here they are:

Copyright: All images are copyright Lucasfilm Ltd, and Decipher Inc. Most images were taken from and Restrainingbolt's Episode II SW:CCG site. Thank you to both. All produced cards were written and designed by me, Tristan More. I can't copyright them, so you're free to take them I guess. Though I would like it more if you were to tell me that you were to use them on your own site or such. However, anyone is allowed to copy and print them to add to their own SW:CCG collection.