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Phoenix C&C

We can offer premium red and white wines made from carefully grown grapes from the famous Dealul Mare and Recas wine regions in Romania. These wine regions are on the South Carpathians hills with a perfect south exposition.Romanians have grown grapes in the Dealul Mare from more then 600 years ago, the first wine was made back in 1453. Using state-of-the art equipment and stainless steel storage, all operated by an Australian winemaker with Californian experience, we beleive that we make the best reds and whites ever made in Romania. We can offer a large selection of wines from various vintages at prices starting from as low as 0.34 $/liter in bulk or 0.80 $ /bottle, all ExWorks. We have dry wines, medium dry and sweet CMD quality wines for the sparkling wine industry.Bottling is done in a new bottling hall waiting to get the first Romanian ISO 9001 in wine bottling. Don't hesitate to contact us and be one of our clients from three continents US, Europe, Asia.

We can offer either bulk or bottled, with estate labels or the client's.

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For further details either e-mail us at, fax +4092186762, voice +4092603611