Opie the stray dog keeps you updated through pictures, videos, and sounds!
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Fun Opie Facts!
  • Loveable!
  • Friendly!
  • Plays well with other dogs
  • A little over two years old and very intelligent
  • Now no longer a 'Heinz 57' mix! We received an e-mail from a wonderful person (who shall remain anonymous) who pointed out that Opie may be part Australian Sheep Dog/Kelpie! It was a fantastic surprise!
  • Is able to speak, especially when he sees us get out our cross-country ski clothes!
  • Chases butterflies
  • Neutered
  • Has all his vaccinations
  • Healthy
  • Sleeps through thunderstorms
  • Still with us (while enjoying life) and no longer needs a home! (because he's with us!)
  • FREE!! Collar included!
    No longer
    This page was designed as a way to advertise a lost dog. But, ironically, things changed and while trying to find him a home, we fell madly and deeply in love with this strange little guy Opie. To make a long story short, he's found a permanent home with us and definitely keeps us laughing and on our toes!
    Opie Pictures!
    Click on any of the thumbnail images to view the larger picture of Opie.

    If you have any questions about how I was able to do some cool effects on this page (i.e. the letters after the cursor), just be sure to either e-mail me or drop a comment in the comment box near the bottom of the page. But please be sure to include your e-mail address if you'd like a response! You can e-mail me at:opiesowner@angelfire.comThanks!
    Hear Opie speak! Click here.
    If you would like to see a video of Opie, please read on: (The newest additions are towards the bottom of the list)

    You can view the Opie video by using RealPlayer. Just click here: RealPlayer Opie
    Or you can use Windows Media Player and view the same video by clicking here: Windows Media Player Opie
    Using RealPlayer takes a lot less time to download, but produces a very grainy image. I would recommend using Windows Media Player, or clicking on that link to see if your computer will play the video. It takes about 7 minutes to load and produces a very clear picture. I would say it is worth the time to load, but I'm also biased. Hope it works for you!
    Here is another video of Opie. Once again, choose either Windows Media Player Opie Tricks(eight or nine minutes to load) or RealPlayer Opie Tricks which takes about a minute and a half to load, but with poor quality.
    Here is a relatively new video of Opie showing his antics with a laser light. As before, choose either Windows Media Player Opie Laserlight(six minutes to load) or RealPlayer Opie Laserlight which takes about a minute to load, but with poor quality.
    Here is a video capturing Opie's passion for cross-country skiing...or at least the excitement of getting ready for it. This video features many different cool Opie noises and even shows off one of his tricks! As before, choose either Windows Media Player Opie Ski Gear(about 9-10 minutes to load...but definitely worth the wait!) or RealPlayer Opie Ski Gear which takes about a minute and fifteen seconds to load, but with poor quality.
    NEW!!! Here is the newest Opie video, this time showing a typical Opie day getting ready for some skijoring on a nearby lake. This time, though, there is only one option for a download. Click here to see if your computer has the program (most likely you will use Windows Media Player) to view the video. Opie Skijoring (This should be a quick download as it is 2.11 MB).
    See Opie Smile!
    To view more pictures of Opie, to read about the tricks he knows, and to see him smile, click here.
    If you would like to comment on the Opie page or on Opie, just write your thoughts down in the following box and don't forget to include your name and/or e-mail address if you would like a response:

    If you would like to e-mail Opie's permanent guardian directly, click here:
    E-mail Opie's Permanent Guardian

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