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Welcome to My World !!!

Its all about what I like, what moves me, what makes me passionate, what makes me cry, and what I love!!!

My 2003 Valentines Day Proposal

This link is to a church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and if you click on resources they have some excellent sermons on video that you can watch!!

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Hi , My name is Debi and I was born in Southern California.I lived there until I was 20 years old. I have 3 kids , Shaun age 24, Tasha -22 & Matthew -21 (in march 06) . I have been spirit-filled, saved since I was 17 years old after my first child was born. I got saved in Anaheim, California at Melodyland Christian Center, back when Dr. Ralph Wilkerson was the pastor, I went to church there until I started attending The Vineyard, that was when John Wimber was pastor. I also lived in Colorado Springs, Co. for one year and got the opportunity to go to Ted Haggard's Church called New Life Church.I would never trade anything, not the best, life has to offer in exchange for my relationship with Jesus Christ. He has walked with me through good and bad and has helped me to be who I am today. I cant imagine what it would be like to go through some of the pain this world has to offer and not have the Lord to run to for comfort!!

Well I was married to my first husband for almost 10 years and he was military and that is what took me from california to oklahoma. he is the father of my 3 kids. We divorced in oklahoma. Which is where I met my husband Jim. Ok, so I have been married to my Best Friend Jim since July 2, 1996. We were married at Fort Sill , Oklahoma. In the "Old Post Chapel" , which is a Historical Landmark.We were married by Pastor Paul Craig, who was our pastor at the church we went to called The Lawton Christian Center .

We met while I was living in Lawton, Oklahoma and he was stationed there in the military at Fort Sill.He has been a wonderful father and dad to my 3 kids. I lived in Oklahoma for 12 years and loved the culture & people and their southern hospitality.

My husband Jim is from Michigan, so 8 months after we were married we moved to Big Rapids, Michigan. We lived there for 6 months and then we decided we wanted to move to Wisconsin, where my sister and parents live. We live in a small town called Lake mills. My husband Jim works for a big comapny in Madison called FE Petro Fueling. He also is a EMT-B (emergency medical technician) and volunteers for the Lake Mills EMS. We go to church at New Life Assembly Church.

I homeschooled our kids for almost all of their education. Our 2 oldest graduated from homeschool in 2001. Our youngest graduated in 2003.

I was working at an electronics factory called Universal Electronics. I made computer circuit boards. I liked my job, I thought it is very interesting.But had to quit because of the hours. They were taking a toll on my time with my husband and no job is ever worth that. So now after so many years of being a housewife and then going to work for 5 months, I am back home as a housewife again. I have enjoyed my time pouring into my home and my husband. And have gotten to enjoy my reading and hobbies again as well.

As of this fall/2006 I will be starting school. I am enrolled at MATC in madison. I will be going for my Graphic Design degree. I am very excited and cant wait. It is a degree that will combine my love for Art, Photography, Computers and Design all in one.
We just bought our first home together in November of 2003, it is a really nice mobile home in lake mills.

Our daughter Tasha has completed and graduated her two years atTeen Mania's Honor Academy . She is attending Tyler junior College. She is living in Tyler, Texas with her cat named Pepita.She also works at teen mania. Tasha's title at her teen mania job is Encouragement and Admissions Manager as well as International Supervisor. She also works at Starbucks part time.She is working on getting her degree and wants to go into Behavioral Science in Counseling. Our youngest son Matthew is attending the Honor Academy like she did and he left in January 2004.He just graduated his first year and lived in Grandbury, Texas until august 2005 And is now starting his second year at teen mania as a C.A.(core advisor).He will graduate in August 2006. Our Oldest son Shaun came home from Dallas, Texas in 2003. He was attending Christ for the Nations Institute. He just got married October 11, 2003 to a girl named kimberly. They got married in Madison at Bethesda Church and they are making their home in Madison.And on august 24th at 4:46am we became the proud grandparents of Dylan David. He is so precious. And now we are grandparents a second time to precious little girl born March 4th, 2006 named Alyssa Hailey Natalia.

Most all of my family lives here now,except my one sister Tammy,(caylan's mom) who went back to texas and my brother who just moved back to california.My parents and my other sister and her family live in Janesville. All of Jims family live in Michigan.

I love Lighthouses. One of mine and Jims desires is to travel and see every lighthouse of the great lakes states. My favorite place in the united states is Mackinaw City, Michigan. And one of my favorite places outside the united states is the country of Ireland. I hope to one day visit there w/ my husband.I think traveling and seeing new places is one of our favorite things to do together.We are both romantics at heart and really enjoy eachother's company.

I love to draw, mostly pencil sketching, but I also like working with Prismacolor oil pencils. I love to crochet. Some of my other hobbies include photography, reading, computers,web design,taking walks, crafting & sewing,and I love to cook. My husband Jim and I love to play spades,play Pool and Darts.We also bowl on the EMS League.

I love to watch Football, my favorite team is the 49ers, Jim's is the Detroit Lions. It gets pretty crazy around here when its football season.We join fantasy football leagues together.
I also love animals.My favorite dogs are Pugs.And we are planning on getting another pug puppy in July 2006, I cant wait. Which will be perfect cuz the Pug we have now named Dharma will be turning 6 years old that month!!
I love plants and flowers and think I have a very green thumb!! Well we discovered my green thumb is limited to indoor plants, lol Except that I have had to get rid of my indoor plants cuz the cat was eating them. So now I am enjoying planting all kinds of flowers and experimenting with container gardening, which I really like and the flowers are doing great!!

I love cars and would love to own a New Dodge Charger , I would also love to own a Chrysler 300.
We also love to camp, hunt, and shoot for target practice.
Also as of January of this year 2006 we have volunteered to be co-leaders with some other couples in one of the Marriage Ministries at our church called Generations Best. We are very excited about this. We have always had a heart for marriage ministry or anything that had to do with marriage or bettering our marriage. So we look forward to where God will lead us in the future with our heart'sd desire. I hope all this info has helped you get to know me better. Please dont forget to sign my guest book or feel free to email me so that all this typing wasn't in Vain!!! Thanx!!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

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