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Thanks for stopping by. Those of you who know me may also know that I'm a superstitious person.  It must come from growing up in Pennsylvania with its Amish influence (Pennsylvania Dutch).  I gloat when my left palm itches because I know I'll receive unexpected money before the day is out, and I'm careful to chase a bird out the same window it flew in to ward off bad luck.

I also believe in miracles in varying sizes and the magic in the words, "What if..." I love Chinese food because of the fortune cookie that comes after.  My all-time favorite is, "What if you could get what you want?" My imagination soars when I think about what I really want and what it would mean to me if I were lucky enough to be granted my deepest wishes.  I've already been given the satisfaction of seeing my first book, Beyond the Shadow, published and promise many more to come.  I hope that my readers will enjoy them one and all.

So what if I could get what I want when you read my book? I'd wish you a shiver down your spine, or perhaps an occasional tear, and definitely a chuckle or two.  Let me know if I succeed.

~Liz Hunter

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Got a great review from Footloose today. 5 Hearts!

Also watch for my novella, "Blame it on the Mistletoe" in Champagne Books' Christmas Anthology, Mistletoe Magic.

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