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Gibeault's Humphrey

Gibeault's Humphrey is one of three brothers from the same litter that are very similar in body type. Humprey is from Gibeault's Geronimo and Camelot's Bon Bon.

Gibeault's Bogart

The last but not least of the three brothers, Bogart has had a very good show record so far and he is still a young senior.

At only a year, he has 9 GC including 2 Best of Breed, 2 Best Opposite of Breed and one of those was acquired under our HLRSC president, Allan Ormond. Owned by Tracy Lukeman, Saynora Holland Lops

Gibeault's Jupiter

Gibeault's Jupiter is a descendent of Gibeault's Pluto and Gibeault's Asia.