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More Bucks

Some more of my famous boys.

Gibeault's Rio

GIBEAULT'S RIO:Ear #RIO: This broken sable point takes after his grandfather, Gibeault's Leo. He is the son of Gibeault's Theo and Gibeault's Alaska. He is also the sire of Gibeault's Crayola. Sold to Japan.

Camelot's Bugsy Moran

CAMELOT'S BUGSY MORAN:EAR #C439: A recent addition to Lippity Lops Rabbitry. He has great type and I hope he will cross well with my line in the future. He has 4 ARBA legs and got 7 out of 92 at the 2001 ARBA Nationals. Now owned by Jenny Poprawski, Camelot Rabbitry


Gibeault's Touche

GIBEAULT'S TOUCHE: EAR #TCH: This buck out of Gibeault's Geronimo and YRA Sweet Pea features many attributes. He has a good head mount, body type, head and crown.