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These are some of the does that I am using in my breeding program.

Camelot's BonBon

Camelot's BonBon is out of Gibeault's Bonzai and Camelot's Tetra. Now owned by Jenny Poprawski, Camelot Rabbitry

Gibeault's Asia

GIBEAULT'S ASIA:Ear #ASI: This doe has the thickest bone I have ever seen on a doe. She is thick all the way through, and should bring great density to my herd. Her sire is Gibeault's Geronimo and her dam is Seminole Wind's Reflection. She is named Asia because she is as massive as a continent! Now owned by Tracy Lukeman, Saynora Holland Lops

Gibeault's Firebird

Gibeault's Firebird is a typey doe out of Gibeault's Rendezvous and Gibeault's Magic.