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Strangely enough, we have almost as many bucks as does. Check out a few of them.

Bunnies not pictured: None

Gibeault's Ammo

Showable Charlie buck with a wide, smooth body and gigantic head. Gibeault's Pluto x YRA Dallas.

Firkus's Buddy

FIRKUS'S BUDDY:Ear #TAU: This Grand Champion is a great buck. Small, compact, big boned, sweet, and with a large head, this buck has got it all. He is also good at breeding and passes his traits on very consistently. He became a grand champion the day he turned six months old, and I still show him. Many of our best bunnies are out of him, and they all exhibit outstanding personalities. He is positioned in our basement next to the stereo, and people swear that he sits in the corner and listens with a contented expresssion on his face. He possesses fifteen Grand Champion Legs.

Gibeault's Geronimo

GIBEAULT's GERONIMO:Ear #GMNO: This buck is out of Firkus' Little Max and Firkus' Klondike, two of my favorite rabbits. He took seventh place at HLRSC Nationals 2002, and has already acquired 16 grand champion legs at just one and a half years old. He has a great head, excellent topline and is compact at 3lbs 4oz. Now owned by Keeta Beemis, Coyote Springs Rabbitry.