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Bunnies of the Past, Present and Future

Legendary or famous bunnies:

Gibeault's Leo

GIBEAULT'S LEO: EAR #LEO: Best in Show at the WSRBA Spring Fling, and BOB at the 2000 HLRSC National Show. With seven legs total, he was the seventh place top lop of 1999-2000, with 752 points. This young broken sable point buck has passed on due to a sudden and fatel intestinal blockage at less than one year old, leaving us with many related bunnies. We will miss him dearly. Keep your eyes open for his descendents.

LOJ Almond

YRA ALMOND: EAR #PB3: This grand champion broken tort buck has has many successful show days. He was recently sold to a very loving home in Illinois. Father of YRA Sweet Pea, dam to Gibeault's Leo.

Firkus's Little Max

FIRKUS'S LITTLE MAX:EAR #TOP: Firkus's Little Max is a Grand Champion broken tort holland lop that stands above the rest. He is the father of Firkus's Tory, anouther legendary buck, that shows up quite extensively in my pedigrees. He is also the sire of Gibeault's Geronimo.