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WWII War Chronicles as told by Arthur E. Krenn, S/Sgt, USA, Retired


The Krenn Papers - A Living History of the 1st Armored Division
In North Africa & the Battles for Italy

Welcome to the Krenn Papers - A Living History of the 1st Armored Division's Actions in North Africa and the Battles for Italy, as seen through the eyes of a Battle Tanker Captain, War Correspondent and Hero, Arthur E. Krenn, S/Sgt, U.S. Army (Deceased).

Sergeant Krenn kept a record of the Actions of the 1st Armored Division in North Africa and Italy during one of the longest Divisional Deployments in modern History. Over 30 months of Action kept in a Diary which Mr. Krenn now wishes to be made Public. The Krenn Papers will tell you the truth about WWII - things which the History Books refused to record.

The Krenn Papers has entered a new Phase of the Krenn WWII History, as our Hero and Friend, Arthur E. Krenn has left this scene of action for a much higher Mission - and has joined the Saints of the Most High God in His Celestial Kingdom. The Yeoman wishes to invite you to come to His Memorial where you can pay tribute to this 'Old Soldier' and War Hero, and read his Story - one that will not long be forgotten.

- Jake, Web Yeoman - USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial.

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