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Fischer Firs LLC
Christmas Trees

Fischer Firs LLC is located in Antigo, WI, 30 miles Northeast of Wausau, on Spring Road. We have approx. 8,000 trees in all sizes up to 12ft. Frazer Fir, Balsam Fir, Spruce, White Pine, and Norway.

  • Choose and Cut your own tree

    We are open weekends,Thanksgiving to Christmas 10am to 4pm. Trees are sold by type not size. All size trees same price, baling available.

    • Trees for Transplanting

      We have the right size evergreen tree for all your landscaping needs.

    • Wholesalers

      Call or email us anytime to set up appointment to view trees. Sold on the

      stump or Pre-tag and we will harvest and bale for you.

      tree reminds
      us of the Christ;
      its top pointing to
      heaven, its lights denoting
      the Light of the World, and all
      the presents beneath it reminding us
      that every good gift comes from above.
      be to

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