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LHB Drum Line - Rollin With The Phatness
LHB Drum Line

Whats New With The Site?

As I promised more pics have been added in the Photo Gallery There were additions in the years, 1996, 1997(as I promised), 1998, and 1999. Hopefully I will recieve some more from outside sources shortly. I have a very limited source at home. So please SEND ME PICTURES! . You can mail them to me at: . I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm also still looking for members names from the years before 1995. If you have them and would like to share them with me, please e-mail them to me at the address above.

The E-Mail directory is almost complete. The list I have is extremely small and I would like to have more. So please e-mail any addresses you know to me or leave them on the guestbook.

The Junior Brigade Drum Line page has had a face lift already. New Graphics and pages are available now. Check it out.

In the future I plan to have a complete list of Drum Line members past and present. As well as sheet music and audio clips. Visit this site to keep posted on the latest updates to the page.

Whats New With The Line? As most of you may all ready know the Brigade Drum Line has been outfitted with brand spank'n new drums. Who thought we would see the day. Along with the new battery percussion. We will be performing our field shows with a brand new marimba and vibraphone as well.

The Drum Line would like to thank all the staff, the parents who got involved with fund-raising and band boosters for coming up with the money percussion the equipment. Which will help us to take Drum Line and The Lighthouse Brigade to the next level.

That's just the begining. Along with new percussion the Lighthouse Brigade has also purchased new Uni's. That's right new uniforms. That is all I will say. You'll have to wait and see.

The news drums and uniforms will debut in the Memorial Day Parade, May 28th of 2001.