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Animated Names

Welcome to my Animated Names Page.

I will be adding more animated names to these pages as I find them. I hope that you enjoy viewing them. I did not create any of these animations, I have collected them from the A.B.P.A.G. newsgroup.

If you see a name here that you would like to use, you must either, Upload it to your webtv Scrapbook or Transload it to your own server. To get the URL just hit your Go to button and then hit Show Last.

If you see an animation you like, but would like to have it in your name. You can go to any of the links on these pages for more animated names or to the news group and request the graphic you like.

Please read some of the postings incase your name is already there. If you are on WebTv you MUST remove your sig when posting a request, it's not a WebTv only newsgroup, it is a Usernet group and your sigs cause problems with the computers used by the animators and any other compueter user who may read your post.

WebTv users, if you need help with uploading images to your scrapbook I have included some Webtv only news groups that will answer any and all your questions.

Names with Animals
Bears, Birds, Bunnies, Butterflies, House Mouse, Mailbox Mouse, Pony's

I am working hard to get this site ready, I hope to have it updated in a few weeks, thank you for your patience, Dawn