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The original Creed lineup (minus Scott Stapp) got together to form a band. They recruited Myles Kennedy as their lead singer and he owns Scott Stapp in more ways than one. I am buying this album the day it comes out. If you like good ole melodic rock with some metal edge and miss hearing a shredding guitar solo every once in awhile, check it out.

Another awesome band who I have gotten into is Ra. Check them out at They should have a new album out soon.

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Updated: 8/04

ATTENTION: The infiltraterz JFK Prep site has been updated again with pictures and some updated information about the ownership and trespassing. The newer dorms have been fixed up and are starting to be rented out. It makes me happy to see someone doing this but the two coolest buildings on the grounds (school and church) probably won't see any restoration. The school just seems way too far gone and the church roof is likely to collapse once the snow flies. You'll see what I mean if you go to the site.
12/09/2004: (Thursday)

This is just so messed up. Last night at a DamagePlan show Dimebag Darrell was shot multiple times in the head. The shooter ran up on stage and shot him point blank, continuing to shoot even after he was down. Later I realized that this happened on the same day Lennon got shot in '81. I could not help but feel a little weird when I realized that I had worn my Pantera shirt today. I put it on this morning before I even knew what had happened. Here is the MSNBC news story:

COLUMBUS, Ohio - It looked like something out of a macabre heavy-metal video: The lights dimmed in the smoke-filled nightclub, the rock band Damageplan launched into its first thunderous riffs, and then a man in a hooded sweatshirt ran the length of the stage and opened fire, shooting the lead guitarist at least five times in the head.

In just minutes, the gunman had killed three others before being shot to death by a police officer.

The rampage Wednesday night stunned the heavy metal world and left police searching for answers about what set the gunman off.

The slain guitarist, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, 38, was a driving force behind the rock band Pantera, and police are looking into reports from witnesses that the gunman was a fan irate that the hugely influential group broke up.

Some of the 500 people packed into the club to see Abbott’s new band initially thought that the gunman was an excited fan or that the shootings were part of the show. “I figured it was another fan wanting to jump off the stage and crowd surf,” said Brian Kozicki, the club’s lighting designer. “I think he knew he wasn’t going to get out and he was going to take down as many people as he could.”

‘We may never know a motive’
Police identified the gunman as Nathan Gale, 25, who listened to Pantera music to psyche himself up before football games and would often hang out at a tattoo parlor and make a pest of himself by talking to customers about music. “We may never know a motive for this, unless he left a note,” Sgt. Brent Mull said.

Also killed were Erin Halk, 29, a club employee who loaded band equipment; fan Nathan Bray, 23; and Jeff Thompson, 40.

Two others were hospitalized after the shooting. The nature of their injuries was not disclosed.

The guitarist’s brother, Vinnie Paul Abbott, the drummer for Damageplan, was rushed to safety offstage and tearfully tried to learn his brother’s fate from officers who couldn’t even tell him which hospital he was taken to.

Signature sound
With his frenetic, ear-splitting guitar riffs, Dimebag Abbott created an aggressive sound for Pantera and attracted a cult following in the early 1990s. The band was nominated for Grammys in 1995 and 2001. The Abbott brothers left Pantera last year and released Damageplan’s debut album, “New Found Power,” in February. “I’m absolutely beside myself with grief. I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would do this,” said heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, who often toured with Pantera.

Lines were deep Wednesday night at the Alrosa Villa club — a popular venue for heavy metal for 30 years — to buy T-shirts for Damageplan.

Man in a sweatshirt
As the lights dimmed, club security was trying to catch up to a man in a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey jersey over his sweatshirt, who was seen jumping the 8-foot wooden fence to enter the club. The guards could not reach the tall, heavyset man in the crowd. He climbed onstage, as many Alrosa headbangers do. “At first we thought it was a hoax, and then when he fired again we knew it was real,” said Jeremy Spencer, 16.

Kozicki, the lighting director, brought up the house lights and ducked under his control table, where he called 911 on his cell phone. Several calls followed, with one male caller saying: “He’s on stage right now. He’s got a gun. ... He just shot again.” Fans surged toward the doors in fear.

Kozicki peeked from his table to see the gunman holding a man in a headlock. Police said the gunman appeared ready to shoot the hostage, who managed to duck just enough for Officer James D. Niggemeyer to take aim and kill Gale.

Officer arrives within two minutes
Mull said Niggemeyer, patrolling nearby, arrived within two minutes of hearing the call. Niggemeyer, 31, saw one person lying dead and the suspect holding onto another “pretty much in a headlock,” Mull said.

He said the hostage, “probably a fan, maybe someone who worked with the band,” was able to maneuver out of the way before the officer fired.

Mull praised Niggemeyer’s response. “If the officer wasn’t as close as he was, I think this would have been a lot worse,” he said. “It was a chaotic scene, just a horrific scene.”

Metal world mourns "Dimebag" Darrell

On Thursday morning, fans left flowers and a bottle of Rogue “Dead Guy Ale” outside the taped-off club parking lot.

Gale had a minor police record in Marysville, near Columbus, including driving with a suspended license last month, said Police Chief Floyd Golden. He was pulled over for driving with a suspended license last month.

At the Bears Den Tattoo Studio in Marysville, Gale made people feel uncomfortable by staring at them and forcing them into a conversation, manager Lucas Bender said. “He comes in here and likes to hang out when he’s not wanted,” Bender said. “The most pointless conversations.”

Mull said the gunman’s exact statement was unclear because of the loud music. He said some witnesses reported hearing an accusation about Abbott breaking up his former band, thrash-rock pioneer Pantera, but it could not be confirmed whether the speaker was the gunman or a fan.

‘The worst day in metal history’
Thursday morning, a dozen yellow roses, still in plastic wrap, lay near the entry to the low-slung beige building that since 1974 has hosted mostly heavy metal acts. The 641-person-capacity club, just off a freeway exit on the city’s north side, sits amid motels, small businesses and office complexes.

Dozens of messages were posted to the band’s Web site after the shootings. “This is the worst day in metal history,” one posting read. “The metal world feels your pain,” another wrote.

The shootings came on the 24th anniversary of perhaps the most well-known assassination of a rock star — that of former Beatle John Lennon outside his New York City apartment in 1980.

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