Divine Science teachings

"There was before me a six-pointed star, pure and clear as diamond light;
its center calm and clear as pure crystal, and radiating the Light of Life."

-- Malinda Elliott Cramer

Malinda E. Cramer
Founder of Divine Science

* * * * *

Divine Science was founded in 1885 by Malinda Elliott Cramer of San Francisco, California, who was healed of her infirmities after receiving a vision of God's all-encompassing goodness. An invalid for 23-years, Mrs. Cramer turned to God when the physicians failed her and received the 'miracle' she had been seeking.

"The answer to my earnest inquiry, as to whether there was any power that could heal me, was an all absorbing realization of a Presence not heretofore realized. I realized It to be my Life, my Being, my health, knowledge and power. It was a 'consuming fire' in that all things became It. Simultaneous to finding myself in God, I experienced the indrawing of all things; that is, that all are embraced within one eternal God and Father, or One Infinite Source and Cause, and as I looked out over the Infinite's Creation, I beheld what to me was 'a new heaven and a new earth.'

"There was before me a six-pointed star, pure and clear as diamond light; its center calm and clear as pure crystal, and radiating the Light of Life. My experience was that the bliss of Being [God-spirit] is the most perfect peace imaginable. Do you wonder at my earnestness in preaching this gospel of freedom, or at my determination to do all in my power to forward this movement of Truth and extend it throughout the world, and bring all to a knowledge of the Truth of Unity and Brotherhood?"

What do Divine Scientists believe?

The key to greater God-awareness rests in the student's ability to sift the Christian scriptures for the hidden spiritual truths. This can only be accomplished when we cease to interpret the Bible 'literally' and seek the deeper spiritual message contained within its pages.

Divine Scientists believe that:

1. God is equally present everywhere. God is not a man living in a distant heaven and looking down upon His creation from somewhere above the clouds. Rather, God fills ALL space. The air you breathe is God-spirit. The flowers you see are expressions of God. YOU and everyone around you are expressions of God.

2. Life is eternal. The experience known as "death" is not the end of life. Your life continues forever in the spiritual realm.

3. God is Good only. God does not send disease, sickness or misfortune to test your faith. God is Love. Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, storms, etc.) occur within the realm of natural law whenever certain conditions exist (atmospheric, geophysical) and are not supernatural in origin.

4. There is no cosmic 'evil' power. To say that there exists an evil power (Satan, the devil, evil spirits) is the same as saying that God is either too weak to stop it, or willingly allows it to exist for the sake of tormenting His creation, man. And we know that neither of these are true.

The Divine Science Textbook explains this:

"What happens to the darkness which fills a room when the light is turned on? The darkness does not move out and go somewhere else, it simply does not exist in the presence of light. Darkness is not a reality, it is merely the absence of light. Evil has no reality within itself; it can have existence only so long as an individual supports it by his belief in it."


"I am the Lord, and there is none else."
Isaiah 45:22

5. "Thought" is creative. Your health and happiness are the result of how you think. If you think (or fear) sickness you attract sickness. If you think (or fear) failure in life then you attract negative conditions and sorrow, etc.

6. The attributes of God (Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Power, Life, Joy) can be found inside each person. A saint and a thief are both creations of the same God -- and both are loved by the same God -- but their individual lives are a reflection of the level of spiritual understanding each has attained.

The degree to which you call upon the God-power within you -- to that same degree will you enjoy health, happiness and abundance.

Divine Science Statement of Belief

Life is continuous.
It proceeds from Divine Life, which is Good in all its manifestations.
There is only one Power in the Universe, the Power we call God.
There is no evil except that which is man-made.
The normal state of man is abounding health.
The Divine purpose is to express the joy of life.

* * * * *

Divine Science: A 'Living' Christianity

Divine Science churches and centers can be found in the United States, Canada and South Africa. However, you need not be a member of a Divine Science church to practice our teachings. Students around the world have experienced improved health, happiness and spiritual contentment after adopting our Way of Life.

The website you are now visiting, Northwoods Spiritual Resource Center, hosts several online Divine Science books to further introduce you to our teachings. These may be accessed from the homepage. This website also offers a text-formatted cyber-church for persons who do not live near a Divine Science church or center.

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