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No Hander

First try a one hander, the first time only take your hand off of the bars a little while your in the air, then progress a little more each time you try until you can do a good one hander. Next, when your in the air, pinch the bike between your legs so it won't fall out from under you, then take both of you hands off only a little bit like the first time you did a one hander. Progress from that and soon you will have the no hander in your bag of tricks and you will be able to work on harder tricks.

Classic Whip

Save the leg whips and out-front of the bike kicks, save the hart attacks and bart attacks and the two-legged nac nacs. All that can wait.

Trick one in any bag is the old school whip, and flatter is better.

Find a clean lip, preferably one you're already launching with authority, and begin.

Lean into your whip as leave the face. To make the back end come around, preload harder with the outside peg (right peg when whipping left and vice versa), then unload the weight on that side as the bike leaves the top of the jump face.

Push down and away on the inside handlebar (left grip for a whip to the left and vice versa). Straighten your arm and extend your pinky finger for extra style points, Poindexter, just like when you have a spot of tea with your dear Grandma-ma.

Then look for a soft place to land, and rev 'er up a little to swing the back end back into line. Drop on in.

Simple, yes? No.

But if it were easy, everybody would be doing it.