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Yamaha 4-Strokes

2002 Yamaha YZ426F


"Could the YZ426F be perfect?" Motocross Action magazine asked in a recent test. Well, we’d of course have to say "yes," but you’d expect that from us. So we’ll just let this milestone of MX engineering, winner of three straight "Four-Stroke of the Year" awards, speak for itself.

And we’ll start with what’s arguably its most devastating asset: 426cc of liquid-cooled, 5-titanium-valved, four-stroke single, bearing newly remapped ignition for more precise spark - and performance that’s quicker and harder hitting than ever.

Retooled suspension settings deliver smoother, more compliant stroke at both ends, while an all-new, lighter-weight swingarm is both stronger and more rigid.

Greater durability and reduced unsprung weight comes courtesy of a new front wheel hub. A larger, 245mm rear brake disc helps rein in this speed demon with even greater stopping power.

And slightly more forward-positioned handlebar mounts create roomier ergos and a more aggressive riding set-up that allows you to slide forward more easily when attacking corners.

The YZ426F. Calling it perfect could just border on understatement.

Manufacturer's Sugg. Retail Price...$5,999*

2002 Yamaha YZ250F


"In the hands of a talented rider, the YZ250F will be untouchable." Well, we know at least one racer who must be a Cycle World reader, because this past 2001 season he was every bit the dominant force in the 125cc West Regional Supercross series aboard his YZ-F, winning five of eight rounds en route to his second 125 title.

Add to that Dirt Rider’s "Bike of the Year," Cycle World’s "Best Motocross Bike 2001," and MXA’s "Bike of the Year" honors. Not bad for a first-year four-stroke machine right out of the crate.

But while others might be loath to mess with this sort of success, we’ve been busy giving this awesome, titanium-valved, liquid-cooled, quarter-liter rocket an even keener edge, fine-tuning the carburetor for crisper throttle response. Remapping ignition for greater firing precision. Reworking the suspension settings and adding an all-new, lighter-weight swingarm for smoother, more responsive handling performance. Beefing up the brakes with an all-new 245mm rear disc. And moving the handlebar mounts ever so slightly forward to improve ergonomic comfort and create a more aggressive riding position.

The YZ250F. Untouchable then. Unstoppable now.

Manufacturer's Sugg. Retail Price...$5,499*