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Big Bird Goes Bird Watching

Big Bird Goes Bird Watching

Shared by Mary, The Game Lady

This fun board game introduces young players to some common birds.

Source of Pictures:

These happen to be a set a stickers I found at a rummage sale, so I do not know their exact source to credit. However, there are many similar sets of bird stickers that can be purchased at most teacher stores. Also a variety of pictures from any sources would work. However, for the one way this game is made, duplicate stickers is required.

To Make:

The stickers were arranged in the path pattern shown. I found the picture of Big Bird in my cutting box and added him as a "starting place".

Then using a water-based black marker, I added the lines to make the path clearer to young players. I then covered the playing surface with clear Contact paper to protect the stickers.

There is also a set of cards to go with this gameboard. These cards measure 2 inches by 3 inches and each card has a matching sticker to one of those on the gameboard.

To Play:

METHOD ONE: In turn, players would draw a card from the stack of shuffled playing cards. They would name the bird on the card and move their selected game piece to the corresponding picture on the gameboard. Each time players pass Big Bird to get to their destination, they score one point. (There could be coins or other small objects to collect or score could simply be kept by marking on paper.) When one player has collected the predetermined number of points, he is declared the winner. ANOTHER way to declare a winner is to play until all the draw pile cards have been used, and the player with the most points would be the winner.

METHOD 2: In this version, play would be the same except the CARDS would be different. The cards would simply have the name of the bird on them. This would be a way for more advanced play once players have become fairly familiar with these birds, or for older players.

METHOD 3: In this version each player is dealt five cards (more or less depending on the length of game desired). Then using a die or spinner, players move around the board. When they land on a new space, they name the bird. Then they check the birds in their hands and they may discard the bird if they have it. The first player to get rid of all their cards is the winner. METHOD 4: This is a variation of METHOD 3. Play would be the same. However, when a player lands on a names a bird, ALL players check their hands and ANY player having the bird may discard it. This makes for faster play.

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