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Truth is THE only safe ground to stand on. - Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815 - 1902)

We are living in some really bad times in our world's history. If you are a person who reads and studies the Holy Bible, the Holy Word of GOD, and you put your Faith and Trust in HIS Words, you will probably also believe as I do that things will get a whole lot worse as time goes by. We are on the downside of our time in this world. Where's the Light in all this? The light is GOD! He's coming back to reclaim his people, those who believe in Him through His Son Jesus Christ. We must Believe in Jesus and come to Him at the Foot of His Cross, Ask for Forgiveness of our Sins, and accept our personal forgiveness. Only GOD can do this, nobody can do this IN HIS name. I Pray for All Mankind that their Ears and Hearts will Hear GOD's Cry. He is there for Everyone to just Open their Hearts, Their Souls, Their Minds to HIS Love and HIS Words. There is NO Love greater than that of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of the World. But you must read and Study HIS Holy Scriptures prayerfully to come to understand exactly What HIS Love is and How is Love works for us in our daily lives. NOTE: I'm not perfect, nobody is but GOD. I do the best I can and I know I fall short. I pray for strenght to carry on. I pray for ALL of you to do the same. Thank you for indulging me. ~Grace, Mercy, and Peace be with you all... Until HE comes!~ In His Love, Paul

Here's a couple pics of my Desk Area here. No big deal, but just thought I'd share.

JohnnyRocker- Broadcast your self LIVE

Hey there all you youger people. Check out the Fantastic job opportunities offered by your very own Wisconsin National Guard Units. See my Link below for the Official Site of the Wisconsin Nat'l Guard for more details.

To All Whom have served, are currently serving, or intend to serve This Our Fine Country in the Armed Services, I'd like to extend an immensely Heartfelt Thank You! Be Safe and God Bless and God's Speed! To any of you IRR members being called back to Service. Thank you too. We all Love you.

My Prayers and thoughts go out to all who have lost loved ones on that TRAGIC Day WE all will Never ever Forget. God Bless You all and God's Speed to those lost. Also, My Condolences and Continued Prayers go out to Families who have lost Loved Ones in Afghanistan and Iraq. God Bless Your Families! And also we continue to lift up in Prayer ALL those Men & Women who are put in Harm's Way by their Jobs. Servicemembers, Police, Firefighters, Rescue Workers, and more. Sincerely, Paul H Johnson

Click for Lake Mills, Wisconsin Forecast

Greetings, and welcome to my Homepage. I want my homepage to be rather brief and allow you the user/surfer to be able to link to my other pages I have done from my own personal interests mainly. The pages include things like, my personal poetry, gaming, Desktop usage, animal interests, and other things. I am, what I call, mediocre at best at this stuff. I do it for the pure enjoyment. My benefit from this is simply knowing people out there are enjoying the pages. I will now list links to my other pages that are active at this time. Thanks again. Sincerely, Blackwolf

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