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These pictures show different stages of my restoration project, from humble start to finish. This site will ALWAYS be under construction until the project is done.

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Here she is, as purchased

Cab floor is Swiss cheese!

Passenger side, obviously

Original safari windows!

Plenty of room for food!

Floor's soft, gotta replace it!

They're any?

Correct taillights for a '57?

When all else fails...crank start it!

Tilt head to left for proper viewing (frame member)

Original, unmolested 36hp engine

What is this? It's connected to the fuse block

Engine Cleaning

There's also a couple photos of the bus, out in my driveway, in the sun.

44 years of grime and sludge!

A different angle doesn't make it look any better!

What a find! A new flywheel and clutch assembly!

Here's me....doing the dirty deed!

The results of degreaser and hot water under pressure.

The nasty house that engine was living in! Next to be cleaned.

No clue! Attached to the heat exchangers, prior to heat duct pipe

An original, but useless, 36hp muffler

Drivers side, in the sun

Passenger side

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