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My Friendz

Welp, this is the part of my page where I get to tell u all how wonderful and great MY friends are! hehe, and make u all very very very jealous cuz: na-na-na-boo-boo my friends are better than ur's!!

Per--Hi Big Bro!! *hugs* Your the oldest friend I have! (hehe, not age wise, i mean I've known u for over 1yr now!) Thanks for always being there for me and listening when i was upset and giving me good advice that always made me feel better and cheer me up! And Thanks for all the fun times we've had like the pool parties, and fights in *hc* and the long games of truth or dare! *S* I still remember all that and probably (unless i lose my memory) always will!

Julie--Hola Big Sis! *hugs* Thanks for always being there for me and being the big sis I never had! (literally!!)..hehehe, thanks for all the fun times and I hope we'll have many more! Next Time I'm in Ohio, I'll have ta stop by! Hehehe..And keep me informed on all da cool new bands and old ones too! *S*

Blake--Hiya Cutie! *hugs* Good Luck with your hockey league, you've been putting a lotta time and effort into it so I hope it works out good :) Being in Minnesota with u was the best time I've ever had...I can't wait till we're together again..I love you so much...*HUG AND KISS*

Mike- Hiya!! I hope ur broken toes feel better! You're so awesome and fun! I wish you the best of luck with your hockey league! Hahahaha, u sure ur only 15? U seem waaaaaaaaaaay older! I bet ur some fat, bald, 45yr old she-male!! *lol* *jk* *HUG*

Bryan- Hiya Piggy Pan!! *remember* that? *S* The fun times we had, eh? hahaha, and the fun times we still have!! Ur so crazy, never knowing what's going on , but hey, that's what makes ya fun and a great person! Ur one of my best friends on here! I'm glad I met ya!

Brian- Hiyaz!! I miss our pool parties..u know that?? U probably remember 'em, eh? hehehe, we'll have to have one soon! Good Luck with ur basketball! and u know what? ur one of my oldest friends!! We've been friends for over a year now, eh? Hahaha, I even knew ya longer then I knew Blake, had to imagine, eh? *S* Take care!! *HUG HUG HUG* <----- somehow he reminds me of!*lol* isn't that wacked?

Frost- Hey Hey there! *HUGS* Thanks for always being there to listen to me and giving me advice on *stuff*...hehehe :) Ur one of my best friends on the net..I'm glad we met and became friends! *HUUUUUUUG*

Ariel- Hiyaz! *chants* Russianz Russianz Russianz!! Hahahahaha....I don't think I'm gonna forget that *too* soon *lol* Welp, ya know what? I really miss skool! The people, the work, haha, everything! Well, maybe not everything, I could do without Mr. Cock, er Koch... :) Hahahaha, catch ya later...BatGrrrL!

Crystal, Micheal, and Gwen--Hi you 3!! You guys are defenetly the coolest family I've ever met! :) I haven't gotten to talk to u guys lately..and I miss that.. =( Maybe we will talk soon, eh? Well, I hope ur enjoying ur new city! *HUGE GROUP HUG* hehehe

Kryz--Well, what can I say!?! *lol* Your a super fun person and I'm glad we met! Hehehe..I don't think I'll ever forget *erm*! *lol* Now we just gotta make sure u never lose ur internet!! U come close to losing it all the time don't ya? *sad* Well, I'll call ya *again* sometime! *HUGE HUG*

Rocket--HI HI! You my boingee partner!! :) It was nice talking to u on the phone! hehe..gotta *love* that southern accent! *S* Welpz, ur one of the sweetest guys I know! Don't ever lose that! Hahahaha..*S* *Gigantic Boingee Hug*

Dan- Hiya Bes Friend! *hugs ya* How are things for ya? I hope they're good! Hehehe, how are u and ur *new* g/f? I dunno who she is! U gotta fill me in! *S* k? Well, Sometime I'm gonna have to call u..maybe u could even call me sometime, eh? Well, best of luck to u in everything!! *HUGE HUG*

Also, hell(o) to all my *other* good friends: -=Bammer=-, :+:Cloud:+:, Bluto, CrAzYbOy, Particle Pete, ATJ, 08ozo, Adam, Annie, Anty, Beastie Boy :P, beavis, Bouter(SW), Cnidae, DeathDad, Devon, Dyll, Erotic Jesus, Forever Ice Cold Boy, Frog ~STS~, Blake C., Jess, JncoGirl, King Khay Bunny, LilPrince$$, Lucky Pierre, LiLmEgZ, MindCrash, Ninja Ryu, Pandora, Peachy, Russian Devil, Russian Freak Boy, Skooter, SuperDave, Tegal(SW), White Russian, White Panther, Wicked, WonderWall, ~Dark-Lynx~, ~TOO CLOSE~, SATANS LITTLE HELPER (hey, I miss u!!)

Also a *BIG BIG* hello to all my friends from skool: (in no particular order) Mallory KeeHan, Dana Troullier, Amanda Zilska, Glorie Loucks, Chris Avery, Erin Bloch, Elliot Brazil, Chris Denton, Ashley Gerrol, Quinten Haen, Eric Hardrath, Heather Kolhmier, Becky Kopidlansky, Adam Lau, Casey McConachie, Heather Miessner, Jenny Miller, Sarah Morris, Travis Nelson, Dustin Paider, Holly Peterick, Aaron Pravecheck, Katie Rhamlow, Vanessa Schelwatt, Carrie Schultz, Kathrine Standerd, Ariel Steuer, Chad Springstube, Nathan Tetzlaff, Scott Tuma, Ben Bies, and Angie Schuler!

e-mail me there and die bastard!! diiiie!!!