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a brief list of possible realities that explain you being here

somehow you ended up in my small shaded corner of the universe. i call it cozy. this is basically me transformed into technology, i mean, im chopped up and fed to the machine in pieces, these are some of those pieces and bits. im slow to change stuff around. mostly because i dont know how to so well. also something about being lazy. on the other pages i will have pictures, drawings, words, and nonsense. TO GET TO THESE "OTHER" PAGES, SIMPLY ADD /page2.html.../page3.html... /page4.html. etc. there are 4 more pages total. page 2 is all skateboarding related. page 3 is photos of me. pages 4 and 5 are drawing or art related.. please explore. email me if you have something to say about my stuff. im always up for discussion.