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List of Papers 2010 - present (101 -... )
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Wunderlich from 2011 to 2016 -08-21

All papers are available as pdf files. Please check or ask the author by e-mail, if you cannot download them. Email-address: wi-wunder(at)

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Scientific contributions in Magazines, Conference Proceedings and other publications
(in inverse chronological order)

[145] Sayyed Mahdi Hosseini, Mehran Ghiaci, Sergei A. Kulinich, Wilfried Wunderlich, Bahram Hosseini Monjezi, Yousefali Ghorbani, Hassan S. Ghaziaskar, and Amin Javaheri Koupaei
Au-Pd nanoparticles enfolded in coil-like TiO2 immobilized on carbon felt as recyclable nanocatalyst for benzene oxidation under mild conditions, Applied Surface Science 506 (2020) 144644 (online 2019-12-04), 10pages, doi: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2019.14464

[144] Neli Mintcheva, Gospodinka Gicheva, Marinela Panayotova, Wilfried Wunderlich, Aleksandr A. Kumizhak, and Sergei A. Kulinich, and Preparation and Photocatalytic Properties of CdS and ZnS Nanomateriales Derived from Metal Xanthates, Materials 2019, 12, 3313; doi:10.3390/ma12203313, (online 2019-10-09), 10 pages

[143] CP Wilfried Wunderlich, Segregation at Grain Boundaries: Experiments on Mg2Ge and Machine Learning Calculations of Segregation Energies in Ni, AMTC Letters 6 (2019) 260-261

[142] Sayyed Mahdi Hosseini, Mehran Ghiaci, Sergei A. Kulinich, Wilfried Wunderlich, Hossein Farrokhpour, Mohammad Saraji, and Ali Shahvar,
Au-Pd@g-C3N4as an Efficient Photocatalyst for Visible-Light Oxidation of Benzene to Phenol: Experimental and Mechanistic Study, J. Phys. Chem. C,
doi: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.8b08788 (online 2018-11-12), 9 pages

[141] Neli Mintcheva, Ali A. Aljulaih, Wilfried Wunderlich, Sergei A. Kulinich, and Satoru Iwamori,
Laser-Ablated ZnO Nanoparticles and Their Photocatalytic Activity toward Organic Pollutants, Materials 2018, 11, 1127; doi:10.3390/ma11071127,
doi: 10.3390/ma11071127 (online 2018-07-13), 11 pages

[140] Wilfried Wunderlich,
Progress in Physics requires ethical Balance between Trust and Risk, book chapter in: Makoto Kobayashi, Gisela Trommsdorff, Carola Hommerich (Eds),
Trust and Risk in Changing Societies, (Proceedings of the 13th Meeting of German-Japanese Society for Social Sciences 8~10 October 2015), 421 pages, published by German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ), Tokyo on 2018-10-22, page 143-158 (17 pages).

[140]a Yoshiki Bando, and Wilfried Wunderlich, New Thermoelectric Materials Fe3Ga and Ga3Fe - DFT-Calculations and Experiments, Material Research Society Japan, 27th annual meeting 2017-12-06, Yokohama, L-05-010 (1 page)

[139] Wilfried Wunderlich,
Electronic band-structure calculations are the key for finding better properties of type I- clathrates, book chapter seven in James C. Taylor, “Advances in Chemistry Research Volume 38”, Nova Publisher, New York, USA, ISBN 978-1-53612-150-6 ebook and print,
pp 211-226, online on 2017-05, (17 pages)

[138] Wilfried Wunderlich, Janos Lendvai, Hans-Joachim Gudladt
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Li, and Al-Mg-Zn alloys,
book chapter in: Eds. George E. Totten, Murat Tiryakioglu, Olaf Kessler, "Encyclopedia of Aluminum and its Alloys (Two volumes)", CRC Press Taylor&Francis, ISBN 978-14665-1080-7, 623 pages, (in print version published 2018-11-10, 11 pages).

[137] Wilfried Wunderlich, Oliver Mayer,
PPP in Japan
s railway systems - a success story, International Transportation (Internationales Verkehrswesen) 69 [1] (2017) 21-25 (online 2017-05-08, 5 pages)

[136]a W. Wunderlich, Correlation of Segregation Energy of Ni and Fe with other Element Data, Proc. 26th Annual Meeting of
MRS-Japan 2016, Yokohama, Symposium D-4 O19-010 (1 page).

[136] Wilfried Wunderlich
One World. Several Ethics - Governance paradoxes in Higher Engineering Education
ISA 19th World Congress Sociology 2018, Toronto, Canada, (abstract published 2018-03, 1 page)

[135] Wilfried Wunderlich
Contacting thermoelectric CaCo- and CaMn-Ceramics with Cu wires
Proceedings Visual-JW 2016 (Int. Symp. Visualization in Joining & Welding), Osaka (2016), Vol. 3, p.7-8
doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.27629.59367 (2 pages)

[134] Wilfried Wunderlich, Masashi Sato, Yoshihito Matsumura,
Processing and Thermoelectric Properties of new Si-/ Se-/ Sn-based Intermetallics
Materials Science Forum Vol 879 (Proc Thermec 2016) Trans Tech Publications
ISSN: 1662-9760, Vol. 879, pp 29-35 doi:10.4028/
doi: 10.4028/ (7 pages)

[133] Wilfried Wunderlich
Railways for the future require better social integration - New Developments in Japan (in German language)
Internationales Verkehrswesen 68 [3] (2016) 51- 53 (3 pages),
with online Supplement on 2016-09-06
Rail network developments: Japanese railways go for better social integration (9 pages)

[132] Wilfried Wunderlich, Iris Mach, and Sonoko D. Bellingrath-Kimura, Growth Rates of Large Trees in Japan Used for
Urban Design (in Japanese), Tokai University Faculty of Engineering Bulletin 56 [2] (2016) 55-62 (open access journal, 8 pages).

[132]a Wilfried Wunderlich,
Progress in Natural Science requires ethical Balance between Trust and Risk
(abstract published 2016-07-01, 1 page)

[131] Wilfried Wunderlich, Kizhakkekilikoodayil Vijayan Baiju, Suminto Winardi, Rino R. Mukti. Parameters for Improving Titania as Photo catalysis material, (Conference Advances in Functional Materials 2015), (online 2016-03-25), Materials Today: Proceedings 3 [2] (2016) 662-666 (Elsevier Publisher)
doi: 10.1016/j.matpr.2016.01.105 (5 pages)

[130] Vijila Kalarivalappil, C. M. Divya, W. Wunderlich, Suresh C. Pillai, Steven J. Hinder, Manoj Nageri,? V. Kumar, Baiju K. Vijayan, Pd Loaded TiO2 Nanotubes for the Effective Catalytic Reduction of p-Nitrophenol, Catalysis Letter 146 (2016) 474-482,
doi: 10.1007/s10562-015-1663-8 (9 pages)

[129] Masahi Sato, Yoshihito Suzuki, Masashi Higushi, Takashi Asaka, Wilfried Wunderlich, Low temperature systesis of Magnesium-14 Group intermetallic compounds, Journal of the Society of Inorganic Materials 21 (2014) 401-404 (in Japanese, published in 2014-09)
[129a] Wilfried Wunderlich, Ryouichi Urakawa, Yoshihito Suzuki, Masashi Sato, Atta Kahn, Takao Mori, (Conference Proceeedings) Low temperature synthesis of Mg2(Si,Ge,Sn) powder and their SPS-sintering, Oral presentation at Jap. Appl. Physics Annual Meeting (2015-03-11)

[128] Wilfried Wunderlich, Energy Harvesting under large temperature gradient - Comparison of Silicides, Half-Heusler alloys, and Ceramics, Energy Harvesting Systems (2015) ,
doi: 10.1515/ehs-2014-0013

[127] Ansar Ereath Beeran, Shaiju. S. Nazeer, Francis Boniface Fernandez, Krishna Surendra Muvvala, Wilfried Wunderlich, Sukumaran Anild, Sajith Vellappally, Ramachandra Rao M.S., Annie John, Ramapurath. S. Jayasree, Harikrishna Varma P R, An aqueous method for the controlled manganese (Mn2+) substitution in superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle for contrast enhancement in MRI, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., (2015) 17 4609-4619,
doi: 10.1039/C4CP05122J

[126] Wilfried Wunderlich, Oliver Mayer, Stefan Klug,
50 th anniversary of Shinkansen - High speed rail traffic with more than 200 km/h and the Effect of the up-grade of Japans Infrastructure (in German), Internationales Verkehrswesen (2014) 66 [4] 54-57

[125b] Wilfried Wunderlich, (Conference Proceeedings) From Heat to Electricity - Thermoelectric materials as New Energy sourcesRe3build Seminar on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Building (2014-11-07)
doi: 10.13140/2.1.2910.6883 or
See the video 52 min at

[125a] Wilfried Wunderlich, (Conference Proceeedings)
Atoms in motion - Finding new Functional Materials with System Engineering Methods (2014-10-20)
doi: 10.13140/2.1.1206.7524 or
See the video 4 min at

[124] Wilfried Wunderlich, (Conference Proceeedings) Lise Meitner - First female Physics-Professor in Germany - Her Impact in Science and Austrian Society, Tokyo, Japan (2014-09-20)
doi: 10.13140/2.1.2508.6727 or

[123] Wilfried Wunderlich, Yoshihito Matsumura, (Confernce Proceeedings)
Improvement of Thermoelectric TiZrNiSn Thin Films by Contact Layers, IEEE Proc. LTB-3D (2014-07-15) 29
doi: 10.1109/LTB-3D.2014.6886168

[122] Wilfried Wunderlich, (invited overview) The Atomistic Structure of Metal/Ceramic Interfaces Is the Key Issue for Developing Better Properties, Metals 2014, 4, 410-427;
doi: 10.3390/met4030410

[121] Wilfried Wunderlich, Yoshihito Suzuki, Naoto Gibo, Takahiro Ohkuma, Muayyad Al-Abandi, Masashi Sato, Atta Ullah Khan, and Takao Mori, Thermoelectric Properties of Mg2Si Produced by New Chemical Route and SPS
Inorganics 2 (2014) 351-362;
doi:10.3390/inorganics2020351 (online 2014-06-20)

[120] Wilfried Wunderlich, Takao Mori, Oksana Sologub, SPS-Sintered NaTaO3-Fe2O3 Composite exhibits Enhanced Seebeck Coefficient and Electric Current, Materials for Renewable Sustainable Energy (2013) 3:21 (6 pages) (on the print falsely referenced as 2:21) (online 2013-12-31), see also at arXiv/cond-mat/1309.6079

[119] Wilfried Wunderlich, Mao Amano, and Yoshito Matsumura,
Electronic band-structure calculations of Ba8 MexSi46-x clathrates with Me= Mg, Pd, Ni, Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, Al, Sn, J. Electronic Materials 43 (2014) [6] 1527-1532,
doi:10.1007/s11664-013-2770-1 (online 2013-10-14, as print 2014-05-29)
[119] a (same title and autors) presented at Int. Conf. Thermoelectrics 2013-07-01 Kobe

[118] Wilfried Wunderlich, Hitoshi Ohsato, Enhanced Microwave Resonance Properties by
Structural Analysis of the Pseudo-Tungstenbronze Ba6-3xR8+2xTi18O54 (R = Rare Earth) Solid Solutions,
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 52 [9] (2013) 09KH04 (4 pages)
doi:10.7567/JJAP.52.09KH04 (online 2013-09-21)
[118]a (same title and authors) presented at Proc. FMA30 - Meeting on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications 2013-05-22, Presentation 24-W-04 Kyoto, Japan, 125-126
[118]b (same title and authors) Ceramics Society Japan, 26th Annual Autuum Symposium 2013-09-04, Presentation 3J18 Nagano (1 page)
[118]c Wilfried Wunderlich, Electron-Phonon-Coupling of Elements calculated from strained bandstructure by Ab-initio, Proc. APPC12- The 12th Asia Pacific Physics Conference 2013-07-14 -19 Makuhari, Japan, Organized by AAPS (association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies), hosted by JPS and JSAP, Poster A6-PMo-3 (1 page)

[117] Wilfried Wunderlich, Masayuki Takashiri and Moriaki Wakaki, Energy Harvesting by Thermoelectric Materials -Thin Film Development and Characterization- (in Japanese) Proc. School of Eng. Tokai Univ. 52 [2] 53-62 (2012)
download (online 2013-05)

[116] Wilfried Wunderlich, Ami Koori, and Yoshito Matsumura,
Compositional change during Sputtering of (Ti,Zr)NiSn and NbNiSn Thin Films on Different Substrates for Thermoelectric Applications, Proceedings of the 2012 Powder Metallurgy World Congress & Exhibition PM 2012 Yokohama, ed. Hideshi Miura, Akira Kawasaki, ISBN 978-4-9900214-9-8, 2013-02, Copyright Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy (JSPM), 16E-S1-13 (6 pages)

[115] Wilfried Wunderlich, Large Seebeck Voltage of Co, Mn, Ni, Fe- Ceramics
Advances in Ceramic Science and Engineering (ACSE) 2 [1] (2013) 9-15
download (Size:1006KB)
Science and Engineering Publishing

[114] Wilfried Wunderlich, Yoshiaki Shinohara, and Yoshito Matsumura
Magnetron Sputtering of (Ti,Zr)NiSn Thin Films on Si (111) wafers for thermoelectric applications
Int. J. Phys. Conf. Ser. (2012) 012005
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/379/1/012005 (online 2012-08-09)

[113] Wilfried Wunderlich, Morihito Hayashi
Thermal Cyclic Fatigue Analysis of Three Aluminum Piston Alloys, (online 2012-07-31)
International Journal of Material and Mechanical Engineering (IJMME) Vol.1[3] (2012) 057-060
Open access pdf-file

[112]a Wilfried Wunderlich,
Correlation between Elements Properties especially Electron-Phonon-Coupling and Work function,
Proc. Conf. 3rd Asian Materials Data Symposium AMDS 2012, April 15-18 (2012), Naha, Japan, pp. 143-148

Wilfried Wunderlich, Okusana Sologub, Takao Mori,
Enhanced electric conductivity of SPS sintered NaTaO3-Fe2O3 Composites (will be published soon)

[110] Ansar E B, Ajeesh, M, Yoshiyuki Yokogawa, Wilfried Wunderlich, Harikrishna Varma PR,
Synthesis and Characterization of Iron oxide Embedded Hydroxyapatite Bioceramics
Journal of the American Ceramic Society (online 2012-01-16)

[109] WilfriedWunderlich, Takao Mori, Oksana Sologub, Bernd Baufeld
SPS-Sintering of NaTaO3-Fe2O3 Composites
Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society 47 [2] (2011) 57-60

[108] Wilfried Wunderlich, Yuichiro Motoyama, Yuta Sugisawa, Yoshihiro Matsumura
Large Seebeck Closed-Circuit Currents in Quaternary (Ti,Zr)NiSn Heusler-Alloys
Journal of Electronic Materials, 40 [5] 583-588 (2011)

[107] W.Wunderlich, Complex Material Science Projects Solved by System Engineering Methods,
Proc. School of Eng. Tokai Univ., Ser. E 35 (2010) pp.7-12 (printed 31.03.2011),
will soon be available at
pdf-file 1.4MB

[106] Wilfried Wunderlich, and Bernd Baufeld, Chapter 1: “Development of Thermoelectric materials based on NaTaO3-composite ceramics”
Book source “Ceramic Materials”, edited by: Wilfried Wunderlich,
ISBN: 978-953-307-145-9, Intech Sciyo Publisher, (online 2010-09-28), pp. 1-27
get the free download at: doi: 10.5772/243

[105] K.V. Baiju, P. Periyat, P. Shajesh, W. Wunderlich, K.A. Manjumol, V.S. Smitha, K.B. Jaimy and K.G.K. Warrier, Mesoporous gadolinium doped titania photocatalyst through an aqueous sol-gel method, J. Alloy Compounds (2010) 505 1 194-200 (online 16.06.2010, 27.08.2010),
doi: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2010.06.028

[104] Suminto Winardi, Rino R. Mukti, Krishnankutty-Nair P. Kumar, Junzheng Wang, Wilfried Wunderlich and Tatsuya Okubo,
Critical Nuclei Size, Initial Particle Size and Packing Effect on the Phase Stability of Sol-Peptization-Gel-Derived Nanostructured Titania
Langmuir (2010) 26 [7] 4567-4571,
doi:10.1021/la904619x (online 26.02.2010)

[103] Wilfried Wunderlich, Hiroyuki Fujiwara, The Difference between thermo- and pyroelectric Co- based rare earth-( = Nd, Y, Gd, Ce)-oxide composites measured by high-temperature gradient, Journal of Electronic Materials, doi:10.1007/s11664-010-1420-0 (will soon be online)
(Proc. ICT 2009 Freiburg); for a previous version see

[102] Wilfried Wunderlich, Rino R. Mukti, Suminto Winardi, Krishnankutty-Nair. P. Kumar, and Tatsuya Okubo, Achievements and challenges of nanostructured Titania Dioxide derived from Sol-Gel Processing, Proc. School of Eng. Tokai Univ, Ser. E 34 (2009) pp. 11-16 (online 23.05.2010) see also cond-mat/0910.5575

[101] W. Wunderlich, Fabrication of Equally Axial Channel Extrusion Device for Processing of TiCoSb-based Intermetallics, Proc. School of Eng. Tokai Univ, Ser. E 34 (2009) pp. 1-4, (online 23.05.2010)

[100] Wilfried Wunderlich, Shuuichi Tamura
s Analysis of Commuter Train Transport to Hot Spot Tokyo
Proc. School of Eng. Tokai Univ., Ser. E 34 (2009) pp. 5-10 (online 31.05.2010)

[100a] Wilfried Wunderlich, Energy efficient urban rail transport at Hot-spot Tokyo
Invited lecture at the JSPS- Alumni -Club, Mobility Symposium, Tokyo Yoyogi, 13.09.2010
Get the free download of the lecture (online 17.10..2010)
first part:
second part:

[100b] Wilfried Wunderlich,
"Besser Leben in Staedten - das Hauptthema bei der Expo Shanghai"
Lecture in German on 2010/10/26 at OAG-Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Natur- und Voelkerkunde Ostasiens , see the abstract:

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