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Development of Advanced Materials

Modern ceramics processing is related to nano-dimensions. One of the processing method is the sol-gel process. In the slurry, complicated interactions between charged particles, polarized molecules and ions occur. Also, due to the relaxation of the atoms, the free energy is different, which means that the phase diagrams have to be revised. Further knowledge is necessary in order to improve the final ceramic.






Inter-nano-composite: Alumina-Magnesia-particles

The atomic structure of Interfaces has strong influence on properties of materials.
The Molecular Dynamic Method can principally predict most properties of materials and, hence is an important tool for development of advanced materials.






Intra-nano-composite material: Zirconia embedded in Magnesia

Materials Science Research Projects under Consideration

Al-Mg-Spinell-Formation during the sol-gel-process

Critical Thickness for Epitaxial Growth of BaTiO3-Thin Films on SrTiO3

Wurtzite Thin Films (GaN,ZnO,AlN) on Alumina surfaces


A few of the completed Research Projects

Fracture toughness of Alumina Single Crystals and Alumina-Zirconia-Nanocomposites

Critical Stress at Twins in Zirconia

Symmetrical Tilt Grain boundaries in Zinc Oxide

Mechanical Alloying of Ge-Si-Nanocrystals


Completed Research Projects concerning metals

Migrating Grain Boundaries

Misfit Dislocations at TiAl/Ti3Al-Interfaces

Dislocations at Crack tips in NiAl/NbNiAl

HRTEM studies of nanocrystalline Palladium

Carbon-concentration at Ferrite/Perlite-Interfaces

Solid solution Hardening of Iron alloys

Coherent precipitates of Al-Li-alloys formed at room temperature

Hydrogen embrittlement in Al-Zn-Mg-alloys

Completed Research projects concerning the TEM-technique

Ice layer formation on EDS-Detectors

Preparation of intermetallic phases

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