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Louet Looms

The Louet “Spring” loom uses the Parallel countermarch system for the harnesses and lams, which is easy to use and simple to tie-up.

An exclusive feature to this loom is the patented moving breast beam controlled by springs. The breast beam is attached to the loom in such a way that is free to move toward the harnesses when the shed is made and then back toward the weaver when the shed is closed again. The distance between the breast beam and the back beam actually changes during weaving. With this system a larger shed can be obtained with less tension increase in the warp and less effort from the weaver.

The advantages of this system are especially evident as you near the end of the warp. Even when the end of the warp is very close to the harnesses, a good shed can be made, thus saving yards and yards of wasted warp over the life of your loom.

The moving breast beam also brings on exactly the same warp tension each time the warp is advanced. The design of the loom includes a built-in raddle on top of the castle and a storage shelf for keeping everything you need within easy reach.

The Spring comes standard with 4 harnesses and 6 treadles, but gives the possibility to expand it, by sets of 4 harnesses and 4 treadles, to maximum of 12 harnesses and 14 treadles!

The heddles and tie-up cords are of the Swedish Texsolv system that make them quite strong and non-stretching. The spring has two weaving widths 90 cm (36”) and 110 cm (44”). (See below). It comes standard with four harnesses, six treadles, 600 Texsolv heddles (Spring 90) and 800 Texsolv heddles (Spring 110), stainless steel reed 40-10 (10 e.p.i.) 12 cm (5”) inside height, friction brake, 2 lease sticks and 16 warp sticks. The “Spring” is made of lacquered beech and comes ready-to-assemble with clear instructions and tools.
4 shaft~$2025.00
8 shaft~$2450.00
2nd warp beam~$189.00
Sectional warp beam~$179.00

Spring 110
The Spring 110 is identical to the Spring 90 in all things except it has a wider weaving width. Upon special request, a 16 shaft version is available.
4 shaft~$2150.00
8 shaft~$2450.00
12 shaft~$2900.00

matching bench $163.00
sectional warpbeam with sections of 2 and 4 cm (1” in North America)
90 $179.00 110 $210.00
second warpbeam including extra back beam. The dimensions are: width: Spring 90 is 120 cm (48”) wide, Spring 110 is 140 cm (55”), height: 115 cm (45”), depth: 94 cm (34”) and 68 cm (27”) folded. The Spring looms are packaged in two boxes for economical shipping. Shipping weights are: Spring 90: 38 kg (84 lb), Spring 110: 45 kg (100 lb).

The Delta
The Delta's treadles are hinged from the back allowing for a very light weight treadling action. This loom was in the process of being assembled when this photo was taken.

The new DELTA is a modern parallel counter marche loom based on the HOLLANDIA, which it replaces, and the very successful SPRING. The DELTA is easily recognizable as the flagship for the LOUET line of Floor looms. Comfortable, robust and technologically advanced, but above all a weaver's loom. Warp tension can be adjusted by fine increments to insure the tension is just the way you want it. The floating breast beam insures tension is returned to exactly the same tension as you had before you advanced the cloth.

The brake system on the DELTA is a friction brake system on the warp beam, which is sturdy and easy to operate. A convenient advancing system is provided on the cloth beam.

The DELTA is made of plantation grown ASH and is finished with a double coat of clear semi-gloss lacquer.

Some of the DELTA's features are:
Modern parallel counter marche loom. "Floating breast beam" Large 4 inch shed obtained even with difficult yarns like linen. All harnesses are positively activated by the treadle. Swedish texsolv heddles are used with the DELTA Built in Shelf Built in raddle Standard 8 shafts, expandable to 12 shafts A cloth guard is built into the breast beam Rear hinged treadles allow for very light operation.
The castle section of LOUET looms difficult to assemble correctly. That is why the Delta is delivered partially pre-assembled. The difficult castle section is one unit with the remaining warp beams, treadles, cloth guard, cloth beam, etc. coming in several separate boxes. Assembly of these pieces is required.
110 4 shaft~$3100.00
110 8 shaft~$3650.00
110 12 shaft~$4250.00
110 16 shaft~$6495.00

Delta 130
The Delta 130 is the same design as the Delta 110 except for its larger weaving width. A 4 or 16 shaft version is available on special order only.
130 4 shaft~$3400.00
130 8 shaft~$3975.00
130 12 shaft~$4600.00
130 16 shaft~$6795.00

Magic Dobby Loom
Introducing the Louet 24 shaft Magic Dobby Loom. Made of lacquered beech, this loom follows in the long tradition of high quality equipment designed by the clever engineers in Holland. The Magic loom is a combination of popular features from other Louet looms, many unique innovative ideas, and the well known dobby loom concept. A multi-harness loom that was more affordable than some of the alternatives

Floorloom / Tableloom
The Magic loom comes with a stand; however, it is equipped with small rubber buffers (feet), attached on the bottom of the frame near the warpbeam and cloth beam. The floor loom can be converted into a table loom simply by removing two long bolts that connect the main frame to the stand. Once you have removed the bolts you can lift the loom off of the stand and place it on a table where it will rest on its “feet”. This very versatile feature allows the loom to act as a table loom while at a workshop, and a floor loom in your home.

In order to take your Magic loom to a workshop, you will have to fit it into your car. This could be difficult even without the stand. Fortunately, the front clothbeam and back warpbeam sections both fold upwards and can be fastened to the castle. In this ”ready for travel”, state, the 16” loom becomes a very portable 24’ x 24” x 30”.

Two methods of raising shafts
The Magic loom comes with a treadle, which is attached to the floor stand, to raise the shafts. In the scenario that you are operating the loom in the table configuration, there is a lever with a detachable handle that can be attached to raise the shafts.

Ratchet tension system
Both cloth and warp beams are tightened with a ratchet system. The same ratchets have proven reliable and effective over time since they are the same tensioning systems used on 4 of 5 of Louet’s other weaving loom models.

The built in shelf is on top of the castle on the opposite side of the dobby head. As you are probably well aware, there is always a lack of space to store shuttles, bobbins, scissors, etc. !

Warp & Cloth beam positioning
When you receive the loom from Louet, the warp and cloth beams are located in the back and front sections of the loom respectively. In this configuration, both beams are limited to the amount of warp or cloth that can accumulate. Fortunately, for larger warps, both beams can easily be relocated in the stand allowing a much greater warp/cloth capacity. Also, an extra cloth beam can be placed both in the stand and in the frame.

Dobby Chain and Weight
With the mechanical dobby, additional program blocks can easily be added or removed as your pattern needs change. After you exceed 45 bars, it is recommended to add a weight to the chain so that sufficient tension is maintained on the bars to ensure proper movement as the chain is advanced.

Features of the Electronic Interface - Magic Box:
Vast design possibilities
Anyone who has used graph paper and a pencil, knows the need for an eraser as well. The tedious task of making revisions to a pattern can be very frustrating. By using computer software to make your designs, you eliminate much of the frustration as revisions are easy and quick. Similarly, when you use Louet’s Magic Box with your Magic loom, you can quickly weave samples of your revisions. The ability to quickly weave samples of any pattern is a very handy feature.

Simple Installation
The Magic box and the manual dobby are easily interchangeable. Switching between the two is a five minute procedure.

Weaving with the Magic Box is fast. You do not need to worry about which treadles to select, nor do you have to refer to a pattern. Simply lift the harnesses, because the appropriate ones have already been selected. It is quite amazing how quickly you can weave in this manner.

No more tie-ups
Most weavers agree that setting up the loom is their least favorite task in the weaving process. We can not get around the need to warp your loom; however, with the Magic loom, tie-ups are no longer necessary as the dobby head, either electronic or manual, takes care of this task.

Magic Loom Specifications:
600 heddles for 16” loom
800 heddles for 28” loom
30 program bars
Swinging beater
10 dent stainless steel reed
Cross sticks & tie-up sticks
16 warp sticks
Floor stand with treadle

Height: 55” - Depth: 39”
16” weaving width and a loom width of 23”
28” weaving width and a loom width of 35” (Folded loom fits through a standard door.)
electronic Interface (Magic Box) additional program bars (lags) weight for manual dobby chain 2nd warp beam specifically designed shuttle stand mounted beater bench
Magic Dobby 70
The 28 inch model of this loom is identical to the Magic 40, however, the wider weaving width allows for a greater variety of projects. A sectional warp beam is also available in this model.

This innovative dobby loom is the newest member of the Louet family, and comes as a surprise to the complex weaver...Sorry, only the weaving is complex! The Megado is simple and efficient. To create a shed, the designer invented a new system. The harnesses and back beam move in conjunction to make a shed even better than a countermarche system.

Available in 28”, 44”, and 52” weaving widths. It can be purchased with either 16 shafts or 32 shafts. The lifting mechanism is incredibly light to operate, even when lifting most of the shafts. This unique system creates a very large shed. The Mega Dobby can be purchased with either the mechanical dobby head or an electronic dobby. Several software packages have drivers for the Louet Magic Dobby and will be developing drivers for the Mega Dobby as well. These software packages include: Fiberworks PCW, Patternland, Weavemaker, and Weave It. The Mega Dobby is made of Ash hardwood and is finished with a double coat of semi gloss laquer.
M40 16"w/Dobby Head ~$2425.00
M40 16" without Dobby Head~$2025.00
M70 28" w/Dobby Head~$2950.00
M70 28" Without Dobby Head~$2550.00

The Megado will be available in mid-1999.

The David
The David, a unique sinking shed jack loom, has become a popular small floor loom on today’s market. Weaving on this loom gives you a real appreciation for the word balance. “Balance” is the key in this design. Louet engineers skillful design has created a sturdy, well-balanced and easy to treadle loom.

Technically, the David is a compactly constructed floor loom that takes less floor space, but still has many of the same features of a large floor loom. The “David” uses an ingenious but simple to understand system of springs and pulleys, which produces a generous shed with remarkable light treadling.

The David has a built-in raddle and shelf and comes standard with four harnesses and six treadles. It is expandable with an addition of four harnesses and 5 treadles to eight harnesses with 10 treadles.

The tie-up is made to the metal parallel lams, which can be tied either singly or in combinations, allowing for unbalanced weaves not possible on the usual kind of sinking shed loom, the counterbalance type.

Available in 70 cm (28”) width. The David looms are made of lacquered beech, come in two boxes for economical shipping and are easy to assemble, following step by step instructions. (written by Sharon Alderman) Included in the standard four harness version are 6 treadles, 400 “Texsolv” heddles for David 70 or 600 “Texsolv” heddles for David 90, a stainless steel reed 40-10 (10 e.p.i.) 12 cm (5”) high, 2 lease sticks and 16 warp sticks.

Available options:
Matching bench allowing you to move around unrestricted. Second warp beam, including extra backbeam. Sectional warp beam with sections of 2 and 4 cm (1” sections in North America).
Friction brake device for the warpbeam.

David 90

The David 90 is also available in 36 inch weaving width. The back beam of this loom folds up to save space while the loom is idle. It also passes easily through any standard door frame.
David 70 8 shaft~$1650.00
David 90 8 shaft~$1775.00

Dimensions: David 70 is 87 cm (35”) wide and David 90 is 107 cm (42”) wide, 127 cm (50”) high and 85 cm (34”) deep and 65 cm (26”) folded. Shipping weight for David 70: 26 kg (57 lb) and for David 90: 31 kg (68 lb). It is packed in 2 cardboard boxes.

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