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                                     Aero Willys Itamaraty Clube do Brasil

The AWICB was founded in 1986 to represent the Brazilian Willys Cars during the 14th Sao Paulo Car Show that took place in Sao Paulo city.
XIV Sal„o do Automůvel  - S„o Paulo
The club has been regarded with the divulgence and research. Since its begining is doing researchs about the Brazilian Willys cars builted by
Willys-Overland do Brasil between 1960 and 1967 (beyond the models built by Ford do Brasil up to 1971)
One very important work done is the list of "survivals"and the correct list of limousines built.

At the moment the club is redoing the owners list to organize again a owners meeting.
In order to make the club more efective it is very important that the owners send a photograph of their cars with all the caracteristics about them.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Under contruction

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