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After much consideration...I decided to make this page totally Fat Albert...cuz I feel so strongly bout this Fat Albert thang! So...more graphics to come...and be sure to check out the webring!

The Greatest Toon Of All Time...Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Da One And Only...Fat Albert
On The Court.
Them Cats On The Bumper Cars
The Brown Hornet, Stinger, and Computer
Albert with Rudy's cocky ass
Dumb Donald
Russell was like 3 feet tall
Well...I'm on my way to havin' all the characters but I'm missing Wierd Harold and Rudy!!!
Dumb Donald
Russel and Bill
The whole gang..sniff..have a good time..hey, hey, hey! Mr. Bill Cosby, if you ever read this, we miss Fat Albert, sir. Please put him back on the air. No other cartoon will ever compare.

The Theme To Fat Albert

Hey, hey, hey, it's Fat Albert...and I'm gonna sing a song for you...And we're gonna tell you a thing or twooo...Come join da fun now with me and all da gang....learning from each other while we do out thanggg...naahh..naaah..naah..have a good time..hey..hey..hey...

Fat Albert theme...courtesy of Max Young
Some Jokes by the Gang

Russell: "Fat Albert, they oughta call you broken clock."

Fat Albert: "Broken clock?"

Russell: "Yeah, because you don't know what time it is."

Violet: "You did it again, junk dealer."

Penny: "Why you call me junk dealer?"

Violet: "Cause you're always picking scraps"

Bill: "They oughta call you tea kettle."

Russell: "Tea kettle?"

Bill: "Yeah, cause you get everybody steamed."

Rudy: "They oughta call you dictionary."

Russel: "Dictionary?"

Rudy: "Cause words can describe you."

Bill: "Fat Albert, they oughta call you paratrooper."

Fat Albert: "Paratrooper?"

Bill: "Yeah, cause you just fell down on the job."

Talk about clever use of word play, boy
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