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Stunning/The Extreme One/Stone Cold/Steve Austin


  • PWI rankings
    1995-43(due to injuries)



    "LOVE AND HATE" IS BORN7/14/97

    Austin said he didn't care who his partner was, the WWF could pick him, there was many possibillities that night. Ken Shamrock came out, the Patriot came out next, then followed by Sid and even Shawn came out it could have been any of them, but boy Austin sure didn't expect it to be Manki..sorry I mean Dude Love. The match started out with Austin not knowing who his partner was yet and as a result he was going at the winners of the tag team tournament and former champions Owen and Bulldog by himself. He was doing fine by himself when at one point he knocked Owen and the Bulldog both out of the ring and was catching a little breather when Mankind showed up on the titantron but not as Mankind but as Dude Love. He came down with his glasses and tie-dyed shirt ready to wrestle. Austin was in shock, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Dude Love then entered the contest. At one point the ref was distracted by Owen, Steve jumped in gave Bulldog the stunner, Dude Love covered him and got the pin, giving himself his first title in the WWF and helping Austin keep his first title in the WWF. He then the belt to Steve, who quickly snatched it away only as quickly as he then gave it back. Steve finally shook Dude Love's hand and left a confused but still Tag Team Champion.


    In an interview on RAW Austin stated that if he can't beat Owen Hart at summerslam for the intercontinental title he'll kiss Owens ass. He told McMahon (as I have stated in my QUOTES section) "IF I CAN'T KICK IT, I'LL KISS IT!!!"

    U.S.A. VS. CANADA7/21/97

    Austin first showed during an interview with the Hart Foundation accepting to be the first man in their capture the flag match. Then later on during that match his team (Dude Love,Undertaker) would end up losing due to everytime an Austin team member went for the flag a Hart foundation member would cheat and hold them so they couldn't reach, all in all a pretty boring RAW for Austin.



    "Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!!!!!!!!!!"

    "I'll stomp a mudhole in your ass and walk it dry!!!!!!!" (Thanks for the help Mike)

    "I'll kick your raspy horse voiced ass the next night on raw!!!"

    "Speaking of saviors not even Bret Hart is going to be able to save your ass!!!!?

    "I don't know where the hell you're going but you better give yourselves to the lord or someone because your ass is mine!!!!!"

    "That's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!!!!!!"

    "I'm gonna open a keg of whupass and serve it to everyone in the WWF!!"

    "McMahon, you remind me of a jackass! You treat me like a dog and expect me to smile!!!"

    "Big Men, Small Men, Fat Men, Skinny Men, even men with glasses, I'm going to whip all your asses!!!!!!!"

    "Someone is going to get their ass whipped!!!"

    "Why you hit the nail right on the head son!!!!"

    "I don't give a rats ass about Mankind, never have!!!"

    "Don't call me collect again or I'll whip your ass!!"

    "I think he SUCKS!!!"

    "Get your ass up you long haired freak!!!"

    "Hunter Hearst is always eating his little caviar I'm fixing to open a can of whupass and see how he likes the taste of that!!!!"

    "Whether or not I got 4 guys by my side S.C. will stampede all your asses by myself!!!"

    "You got a nice big FAT ASS!!!!"

    "Come hell or high water Pillman is going to get his ass whipped!!!!"

    "I don't need no freak watching my back you aint got no ears, I didn't ask for Shawn Michaels long hair out here shaking his ass and I don't need you either!!!"

    "Bret Hart says that if he gets beat he won't wrestle in the US again, BIG DEAL, if I cannot beat Owen Hart at Summerslam after the match when he pins me 1 2 3 if that happens he can pull down his trunks, pull down his little panties, bend over and I'll KISS HIM RIGHT ON HIS ASS IN FRONT OF THE WORLD, put that in the contract, thats the bottom line I'll kiss his ass if I can't kick it AND THATS THE WAY IT'S GONNA BE!!!!!!!!"

    "The only thing I'm sorry about is that the toiletbowl wasn't full of a few contents, that I think you know what I'm talking about!!!"

    "Brian Pillman last night I flushed your little face down the camode, here in a few short minutes I'm gonna kick your ass up and down this ring, when I see fit I'll hit you with the stunner, pin you 1 2 3 and then carry your little raspy ass carcass to the back and finish the job I started last night!!!"

    "Steve Austin will be up in Canada beating the hell out of the Harts, anybody that shows up, Pillman too, and if it rolls right down to it Stu, Helen, and whoever the Harts want to bring, I'll beat up the whole damn family and thats the bottom line because S.C. says so!!!!!!"

    "Well I'll be damned if it isn't the worlds most dangerous man!!!"

    "Ken Shamrock the worlds most dangerous man you want me to enter your world, SON I'LL ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!!!!!!!!"

    "One time and one time only I'll step in the ring with your asses, but after it's over we aint going to be hanging out together, we aint going to be drinking beers together, it's right back to this (middle fingers extended!!) and thats the bottom line!!!!"

    "You want the truth, the truth is I'll come down and shove all your toes straight up all your asses!!!!!!!!!!!"

    "And I got a six pack of whoop ass riding shotgun with me son!!!"

    "Austin 25:17 says I will strike down upon your ass with great vengeance and furious anger!!!!!"

    "Owen Hart your gonna get your ass whipped and thats the bottom line and there aint a damn thing you can do about it!!!!!!!!"


  • In 1991 Austin defeated Jeff Jarrett for the SOUTHERN TITLE. (How you like them apples Scott)

  • June 3, 1991, Austin pins Bobby Eaton and becomes WCW TV CHAMPION for the first time.

  • May 23, 1992, Austin defeats Barry Windham (new blackjacks) and becomes WCW TV CHAMPION for the second time.

  • March 2, i993, Austin and Brian Pillman defeat the team of Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas to become WCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.

  • December 27, 1993 Austin beats Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) for the WCW U.S. TITLE.

  • May 25, 1997 RAW IS WAR Austin and Shawn Michaels win the WWF TAG TEAM TITLES from the team of Owen Hart and the British Bulldog.



    Steve Williams was born in Hollywood, California but raised in Vicoria, Texas. He played defensive end on the North Texas State University football team. He first noticed wrestling while working in a freight dock. During a break, watching tv Austin saw an ad for Chris Adams wrestling school. He only trained with Adams for 5 months before he made his pro debut. Before his first match he changed his name to the all to familiar Steve Austin, reason being there already was a Steve Williams in the sport. He was victorious in his pro debut at the Sportatorium in Dallas against Frogman Leblanc. In 1990 Austin became the first graduate of Chris Adams wrestling school. He even started teaming with Adams for matches in the WCCW. The team didn't last long however. Austin first showed signs of being "stone cold" as he broke away from his mentor, and started a fued with his former teacher. Austin defeated him on several occasions.

    Austin done with Adams yet. To add insult to injury, Austin took on Jeannie Clark, the ex wife fo Adams as a valet. Austin also hired Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) as his manager.

    In 1991, with Jeannie still at his side Austin joined the USWA where he defeated Jeff Jarrett for the Southern Title. The belt was held up though because Austin had his feet on the ropes for leverage. Two weeks later in the tournament final for the vacated title Jarrett defeated Austin. Three months later, a discouraged Austin left the USWA for potential in WCW.

    When Austin entered WCW he had a new valet,Vivacious Veronica, but she was soon Replaced by Jeannie (his wife today). Ready for superstardom Austin set his sights on the TV title, and on June 23, 1991 Austin defeated Bobby Eaton for the WCW TV title. After winning the title Austin began fueding with Dustin Rhodes (Goldust). Seeing the potential in himself rising Austin wanted another title, the US title, he came very close to winning it, but lost the tournament final match to Sting on August 25. Austin an Jeannie again parted ways when Jeannie sold Austin's contract to Paul E.Dangerously. Austin became part of the dangerous alliance, who were set on brutalizing Ricky Steamboat and Brian Pillman (ironically enough who would end up being his tag team partner in the near future). Austin continued to defend the TV title, but ended up losing it to Barry Windham on April 27, 1992 in Atlanta. A determined Austin regained the title from Windham almost a month later on May 23. Austins second title reign didn't last long as the first however as he lost to Ricky Steamboat (a person he seemed to tangle with a lot in WCW) on September 2, 1992.

    Paul E. Dangerously left WCW and the Dangerous Alliance broke up as a result. Austin then began teaming with Brian Pillman on October 17,1992. They became known as the Hollywood Blonds. The Hollywood Blonds became WCW tag team champions on March 2, 1993 by defeating Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas. The Blonds were a dominating tag team the only thing that could defeat them as it turned out was Pillmans injury. On August 18 the team of Arn Anderson and Paul Roma defeated Austin and Lord Steven Regal (subbing for Pillman) for the titles.

    Pillman's injury could have been the best thing for Austin's carreer (at that point) because with Pillman injured Austin began focusing on singles action again. Austin got a new manager Colonel Parker. Parker wouldn't manage Pillman which led to Austin turning on Pillman, and a series of matches between the two which Austin won convincingly.

    After getting the "Pillman factor" out of his way Austin again set his sites on the U.S. title. Austin got his shot at Starrcade 1993, and defeated Dustin Rhodes to become U.S. champion for the first time in his carreer. Austin retained the title until August 28, 1994 when he was defeated by Ricky Steamboat (told you he has troubles with this guy). Austin demanded a rematch which he got at Fall Brawl, September 18, 1994. He was supposed to wrestle Steamboat but due to injury Steamboat had to forfeit the title. The title was awarded to Austin only to be blindsided by Jim Duggan in 28 seconds to lose the title.

    Austin suffered the now famous knee injury in December 1994, he returned in March 1995 (way to early) only to injure his bicep in a summer tour in Japan. Eric Bischoff terminated Austin's contract because of injuries and what was perceived as lack of marketability

    After fully recovering from his injuries, Austin went to ECW. Everyone was predicting Austin would win the ECW title, but for some reason he never did. He received two title shots. The first was against Mikey Whipwreck at November to Remember. Whipwreck won but only by holding on to Austin's tights. The second title shot was a three for all between Whipwreck, Austin, and Sandman. Sandman ended up winning the title by pinning Austin, but again he won by putting his feet on the ropes.

    Austin now truly ready for superstardom entered the WWF in January of 1996. In the WWF Austin came under the guidance of the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. At first Austin was known as the "ringmaster", and he had the million $title which was given to him by Dibiase. He was the million $ champion.

    Austin's first ppv in the WWF was the Royal Rumble 1996 where he elimanated Bob Holly, and was eventually elimanated by Fatu (Sultan).

    After the Rumble Austin started fueding with Savio Vega, Austin changed his name to STONE COLD and changed his attitude also. Austin defeated Vega at Wrestlemania 12, only to lose a strap match to Vega at IYH 8, a loss which meant that Dibiase had to leave the WWF.


    King of the Ring is where Austin defined perhaps a legacy. Austin had defeated Bob Holly and Savio Vega to reach the semifinals, where he went up against Marc Mero. Austin bleeding from the mouth got the victory with his "STONE COLD STUNNER"

    In the final of the KOTR it was Austin vs. Jake Roberts. Roberts had injured ribs and was easy pickings for Austin. Austin planted the stunner and was crowned king. At the coronation Austin famous quote was said for the first time:


    During July of 1996 Austin refused to wrestle jobbers. He refused to wrestle Aldo Montoya calling him a "piece of trash!" After this small fueds began starting with Marc Mero and Goldust. Austin wanted to show the world, that he could beat anybody, so he challenged the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be, because Austin claimed that he was the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!!

    Austin went crazy anytime he heard someone mentions Bret's name. During an interview on Superstars he reinjured his former partner Brian Pillman, breaking his ankle. That however was not the end of things between the two. On a Nov. 4,1996 taping of RAW Austin broke into Pillman's home and was greeted with a 9MM pistol pointed at his face!!

    At Survivor Series 96 Bret and Stone Cold had their first battle, one of many more to come, Bret won the encounter, but both would never be the same.

    Next came the Royal Rumble 97 the winner to get a shot at the champioship at WM13. Austin entered as number 3 he elimanated 8 wrestlers before being dropped over the top by Bret Hart, however the refs didn't see Austin get elimanated and being the opportunist that he is Austin jumped back in the ring and elimanated Hart to be declared the winner. Bret then threw a tirade and quit on the spot but here comes Monsoon to make Bret's tears go away. So a final 4 matchup was declared between Austin, Hart, Vader and The Undertaker (the last four remaining in the Royal Rumble). Shawn Michaels had forfeited the title 4 days earlier so it was decided that the winner of the final four would be the new WWF champion. Austin was elimanated first by the eventual champion Bret Hart.

    The next night on Raw Sid was to face the new champ Bret Hart for the title. Stone cold would once again be involved. At the start of Raw he attacked Sid, then later Bret, when the match finally happened Austin nailed Bret with a chair costing him the title. As a result Bret signed to meet Austin at WM13. Austin made Bret's life hell in the weeks leading up to WM13. One week before WM Bret again got a title shot against Sid this time in a steel cage, even with Austin helping Bret out Bret not only lost the match but in a tirade that couldn't be censored his sanity as well.

    At WM13 Austin and Hart put on one of the best matches ever. Stone Cold received a gash above his eye which bled the entire match. He fought valiantly hardly being able to see, but was eventually caught in the sharpshooter. Austin passed out from loss of blood, and ref Ken Shamrock was forced to stop the match. However one thing needs to be noted


    Austin got respect that night and Bret lost some by attacking an unconscious Austin after the match. Austin got a little revenge at IYH 14 by defeating Bret by dq. The next night on raw Austin proved how Stone Cold he can be by challenging Bret to a streetfight in which he almost ended Bret's carreer. This has led up to the formation of the Hart Foundation, who are doing Bret's dirty work for him. In the weeks that have folowed Austin has had to encounter virtually every member of the foundation in single matches, you could almost call it a running of the gauntlet to get to Bret again. Austin defeated the British Bulldog in a nontitle match on Raw May 5th. This led up to In Your House 15, A Cold Day in Hell in which Austin finally got a shot at the world title against the Undertaker. Austin ended up losing the match due to the interference of the Hart Foundation who had 5 front row seats in the crowd to make sure Austin didn't become champion. Austin almost became champ as he put the "dead man" in the stunner but Pillman rang the timeskeeper bell just as the ref was about to strike the mat for the third time. This led to the match being continued and a frustrated Austin was soon put in the tombstone by the champ.

    Revenge would come sweet for Austin against the foundation in the form of a foundation title belt. Owen and Bulldog, formed a challenge to Austin to find a partner and they would give them a title shot. Austin made it clear that he wanted to fight alone, but the rules stated that he needed a partner so Monsoon gave him Shawn Michaels. This was definitely a bizarre tag team because of the animosity between the two superstars. However for one night (May 24) they put their differences aside in favor of a common goal: to defeat in any way the Hart Foundation! After a Shawn Michaesl superkick and an Austin cover they had indeed done it. Steve Austin had his first (of many to come) WWF title in the form of the Tag Team straps w/Shawn Michaels.

    Next up for Austin was the KOTR an event in which he won the year before but this year wasn't even in the tournament. The match was supposed to be Austin vs. Pillman, but out of a Hart Foundation plot Pillman gave up his match to Shawn Michaels so the two partner's could "iron out their differnces" but Pillman added that he would get Austin the next night on Raw. Both participants accepted and the match was set for KOTR. The match started out with both wrestlers shoving each other, but soon grew to be a high flying highlight reel. At one point Austin nailed Michals with the stunner and covered him, but the ref was knocked unconscios by Austin (on accident) just moments before. A second ref ran in the ring and a pissed off Austin gave him the Stunner. A revived yet dizzy Shawn Michaels then gave the superkick to the second ref thinking it was Austin. A third ref then entered and declared the match a double DQ.

    True to his word, Austin gave Pillman a match the next night, except it never happened. While austin was making his entrance he was jumped from behind by the entire Hart Foundation (minus Bret) and was injured, enough not to wrestle. Out of nowhere Mankind (who has been lobbying to be Austin's new partner due to a supposed "injury" to Shawn Michaels) steps in the ring and takes Austin's place against Pillman. Just as Mankind was about to defeat Pillman the Hart Foundation attack him, then limping noticeably Austin comes out along with Shamrock (who doesn't care for the foundation neither) and the three of them cleanhouse on the Foundation. Austin however doesn't appreciate Shamrocks help and in return gives him the stunner, walks over to the corner and gives the finger to Mankind and then walks away as RAW goes off the air.

    The next week on RAW would really be explosive for Austin. During an interview Ken Shamrock comes out and demands a match later that night with Austin (even though Austin already has a match with Pillman later) and Austin agrees. Also during that same interview Mankind appears on the Titantron and again lobbies to be Austin's partner. Now onto the match, it was Austin's dream come true one on one with Pillman and another stipulation was that each member of the Hart Foundation (again minus Bret) would be handcuffed to a ringpost to ensure no outside interference. It was a high impact match with Pillman at one point getting his nose broken when Austin pushed a chair into Pillman's face. Later in the match with the ref knocked down due to a stone cold stunner Pillman hit Austin with a foreign object but still couldn't get the pin. Owen had seen enough and got the keys out of the pocket of the ref who was put in the stunner, unlocked himself, gave the keys to Neidhart, who in turn unlocked Bulldog and all four proceeded to attack Austin. Who should come to the rescue but Mankind, and Shamrock. This time however after cleaning house Austin again tried to sneak up on Shamrock who greeted him with a belly to belly slam. This caused the legion of doom and Goldust to come out of the dressing room to separate the two. Goldust then proceeded to grab the microphone and offer the services of the LOD himself and Shamrock as partners with Austin for the upcoming Canadian Stampede in which Bret challenged any 5 Americans to take on him and the foundation. Austin reluctantly agrees and the teams are formed.

    However there was still one RAW left before the C.S. and Bret was going to make sure Austin didn't arrive in Canada at 100%. Earlier in the show Vince had Bret on the line supposedly from his home in Canada, but when it got to the main event that night Austin vs. Neidhart everyone knew that Bret played Vince for a fool. Goldust was not in the building, the LOD had already left the building so that meant that Shamrock and Austin were the only remaining members of team USA. In the middle of the Austin/Neidhart match the cameras went backstage and saw Bret attacking Shamrock, then with only one member remaining Bret interrupted the match and did a number on Austin's leg by putting him in the figure four around the ringpost. Only Mankind (yet still lobbying to be Austin's Partner came to the aid of Austin and he was greeted with a steed chair to the head courtesy of the rest of the Foundation who had just showed up. This was a dismal sight for Austin as RAW went off the air.

    This would lead to the Canadian Stampede (July 6) advantage : Hart Foundation, having the match in their own back yard. The match was a H.F fans dream come true. Steve at one point injured Owens leg by repeatedly slamming it into the ringpost. As a result Owen was brought back to the dressing room. The match continued with Bret gaining revenge with the help of a fire extenguisher to Austin's already weak knee's, and as a result Austin was brought to the dressing room but being the competitors they are Austin and Owen both returned to the match and eventually Owen with a HANDFUL OF TIGHTS got the pin on Austin. After the match is when all hell broke out. After Austin's team went back to the dressing room Austin came out to "beat up the whole damn family" who had all made their way to the ring. The police took Austin away in HANDCUFFS and escorted him back to the dressing room. On the way though he kept giving the Canadian fans the midlle finger even though he was cuffed.

    Truly A Stone Cold Man.

    The next night RAW was indeed WAR as it was in Canada. Austin really let his feelings for Canadians show as he attacked the entire Hart Foundation from behind with a steel chair in the middle of the CANADIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM!!! Later on in RAW amidst the BOOO's of the crowd Austin defeated a disoriented Hunter Hearst Helmsley who had just nailed Mankind with a chair he had meant for Austin. After the match Austin told Mankind to come in the ring and made reference to Mankind's constant lobbying to be his partner, he eventually told him to shake his hand and they'd be a tag team. Mankind instead starts hugging Austin, who returns the hug but when Mankind turns his back is yet another victim of the stunner. As Austin leaves Mankind mentions that he's going to have to do "something" that will change not only Austin but the WWF and himself forever.