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For more information contact:  Tom Kreager, 715-693-3143; Linda Ceylor, 715-474-2271 or 826-2272, Roger Steffen 715-585-2349


February 2, 2005



          With a recommendation to uphold the original resolution against construction of the Arrowhead to Weston Transmission Line project from a specially formed “Power Line Ad Hoc Committee”, the Douglas County Board

has put nails in the coffin which will bury this project.  The committee, and many members of the board have been studying this issue in depth since September, 2004, with presentations from both the American Transmission Company (ATC), the transmission company who had hoped to be the contractor and ultimate owner of this project, and SOUL, who has maintained a vigilant opposition to this project since its most recent beginning, announced publicly in April, 1999.  Many of the county board members publicly stated they had received more correspondence, both written and telephone on this issue than any other issue the board has faced.  The original resolution to oppose construction of the Arrowhead-Weston transmission line was passed by the Douglas County Board in October, 1999.  The resolution passed tonight  by a majority of the county board mirrors the original resolution, and does not allow the use of any county land for the construction of the transmission line.  Construction of the transmission line anywhere in Douglas County requires the use of county forest land; land that the utilities have been forbidden to use.  In other words, the line not will have any viable routing through Douglas County.


            “Despite dispensing money to local governments like a malfunctioning ATM machine, ATC has finally encountered a local government full of courage, honesty, integrity and the will to listen to their citizens, not the promise of money to be exchanged.  SOUL commends Douglas County, and looks forward to a future of common sense alternatives to bad ideas like Arrowhead-Weston,” said SOUL President Tom Kreager, who made another presentation to the Douglas County Board this evening.  The meeting was attended heavily by Douglas County residents who have followed this issue, and contacted their county board representatives to state opposition to the project.  The meeting was preceded by a student rally, with students from as far away as U W River Falls in attendance; who had moral, ethical and environmental concerns about the transmission lines construction.