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Funny thing...we did post in this area information for those concerned about the continued problems with Wisconsin's standing on energy rates and policy, beginning with reform at the PSC.  We know this affects all citizens in Wisconsin in a large way.  That's why we were happy to see action beginning to take place, and a document prepared promoting sensible steps to be taken remedy the situation. It was a great undertaking, and one we supported to the fullest. We had hoped visitors to this website would contact their legislator to ask them to sign on to the information we had posted.  With readers like you, it was working.  Unfortunately, we have been asked to remove this information, and we are unable to promote it in its current form. 

But as caterpillars spin a cocoon to become a butterfly, this movement must continue to move forward by all Wisconsinites.  To begin with, stronger ethics are needed for the PSC, both Commissioners and staff.  Promotion of efficiency efforts, strongly supported by our state would promote lesser energy usage and dependence, plus support our growing energy vendors within the state.   SOUL's Board, in conjunction with other energy groups throughout Wisconsin are currently working on just such a statement, as we are working non stop to do our part in the sweep to clean the corruption out of the Capitol and beyond.  Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.  Check back, we hope to have a posting soon!!  And thanks for your visits to the SOUL website...all are welcome!!

               letter to SOUL