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Construction in Minnesota by Minnesota Power, but they are not the owner?

In 2002, it came to the attention of SOUL and North American Water Office (NAWO) that Minnesota Power (MP) no longer intended to own or operate the line.  While the shareholders had been told since the projects announcement that this was a real money maker...the safe $$ must have been in construction of the transmission line, as that is all MP proposes to do, for the American Transmission Company.

It perplexed us that a utility given an exemption to construct and operate the transmission line could turn those rights over to an out of state (foreign) utility without any notification of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC). We raised this question with the Commission through a filing in July of 2004.  Since that time, here is what has happened:

AGAIN, SOUL will continue to ask the regulators to regulate this transmission line, and do so following all of the rules in place, just as we have.  We still say this is not a project in the best interest of Minnesota, as does our Minnesota membership.  We applaud them for their tenacity!! SOUL also applauds the staff at the PUC for all of their work on this case.  Read what they have to say about it: