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.....A site where everyone can talk, state their opinions, and just be dumb.

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Whatup? - CaT - 10/5/00
Whatup? I made this intire site in bout a month. I only did it when it waz very laggy or down... which was a little too much... but i figure players would like to talk about various stuff... if this will catch on or not... i dunno, but its always fun making websites.

dont bother me about my spelling... and, well grammer. Dont mail me bout how dumb this site looks, or and suggestions cause really i dont care to make this site anymore...

Go ahead and cuss, make dumb remarks, and yell at people... In fact i encourage you to say mean stuff to people... cause pretty much we all like to read it. The only things i dont want are serious threats of violence or any racial languge.

Anyway look around, vote, and try to participate in everything. if you look around this site is completly relied on players sending stuff to me. So EVERYONE DO IT. thx