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Tourney is ready - infiniti.ttt - 6/10/01
Ok the tourney is as follows:
1v1 Lost Temple
Best of 3 games
Any race

Whenever you see your opponent on ask to play. 1st round games not completed before 1 week i will judge who's fault it was... so make sure you play... cuz i dont like you ;p

1. ib6-ub9.ttt
8. land.ttt
3. sweetracoon.ttt
6. gortek.ttt
2. infiniti.ttt
7. doug0cool.ttt
4. balaberda.ttt
5. red_fox.ttt

Tourney - infiniti.ttt - 6/8/01
Ok the tourney needs 1 more participant... then we're gonna start. Just talk to me, infiniti, and sign up.
Ive added a rank, its the Militia, ive put a couple more up and im waiting to put more up... so be active and recruit... and ill add you up, recruiting is not neccissary... but it'll help.
There are now 3 different squads withing the terran team... but im not sure about the info for each one.... so until i get emailed any info on any of the squads i have no idea what to put on the site =/ or you can make your own site and ill link to it... so send me some info!
Squad is there - infiniti.ttt - 6/5/01
After 10 days we now have 35+ people and mostly very active.

Im starting the tourney, to participate, just ask me if you can be in it and after 16 people... or 8 people we will start the 1v1 tourney. The winner will get the 2nt best rank in the whole clan... so talk to me soon!
Squad is getting there - infiniti.ttt - 6/4/01

Now half the time I log on i see members. Thank you to all of you who recruited. We have no set-limit for members, the more the better. I want to walk into our channel and 10 people always be in there. So I'll keep trying.
Also I am adding a Tourney. Whoever wins will be given the 2nt Best rank in the Clan, "Best Player". We will have a tourney every 2 months to determine this possition. I am currently in the proccess of making the format, the tourney will start in about a week.
The Elite Killaz squad has formed inside our clan. It consists of iceman.ttt, and a few others. I will make a squad section soon so you guys can make a page.

Ok... - infiniti.ttt - 6/2/01
This clan has grown to 20 members in 1 week. I am adding a new section of rank in between Co-leader and Captain. They will be called the Generals, and will be 3 spots. Soviet_hero.ttt and ice.ttt will move up to this rank. So theres more captain spots available, and one for both co;leader and General left, which will probebly be given for members who recruit more people.

Ill be adding two sections to the site soon. Ill add a player tourney, and whoever wins will be given a better rank... probebly. The other section will be a Replay section. This is so we can download each others strategies and look at what we did. So save up ill ask you to upload them sometime soon to me.
Site is up - infiniti.ttt - 5/28/01
Ok, I worked on this site for about a week and got it done. I've decided to start a all terran clan so we can share our strategies and get better at the best race. I personally want to see this clan grow big, and every clan has to start somewhere. I will be giving out high ranks for those who wish to help me recruit in the most important time of the clans success. I will not ditch this squad ever, and this squad will be an active squad.
Please look around the site for more information on the squad. This is NOT a hacking squad. We are not hackers, we will never hack, and if I find anyone in the squad that is using hacks they will be booted. This site will never sell out its members by putting hacks on its page just for hits.
There is various rules different from normal clans. Most importantly NO bots are allowed in our channel. This is to reduce spam, and to get us more orginized and efficient. The only bot will be [terran] who the co's and me can boot people who spam our channel.