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Tom F'N Selleck!!!

Some Tom Selleck Things To Watch:

If you don't go to all of the sites below, I'll be forced to eat your dog. If you don't have a dog, I'll feed you to mine.

Donate some $$$ to the Tom Selleck Fan Club Fund, and we'll move here!
Extreme Championship Wrestling... Experience The Difference!
Go check out the suckas who stole Death Row Wrestling's domain name. Send em threats, letter bombs, or whatever. Don't blame us if you get in trouble, cuz we didn't tell you to do a damn thing.
HipHopSite.Com - Hip-hop is the music of gods, so go check this site out... RIGHT NOW!!!!

TOM SELLECK IS BETTER THAN BURT REYNOLDS. This site is under HEAVY construction. Look for more links, pics, and info in the futre about the actor who's better than Burt Reynolds. It should be updated every day with something new.

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COME BACK EVERY DAY, CUZ THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!! THIS SITE WILL TURN INTO A MULTIMEDIA TOM SELLECK FEST, JUST WAIT AND SEE! The only reason this page DOESN't suck right now is cuz it's about Tom Selleck, and it was made by ME!