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Art Room Practices & Philosophy
Two broad practices that shape each class:
  1. Show Respect 2. Do the Best  
The philosophies that built into each class:
  • Students should find themselves in the curriculum
    & that curriculum should always connect itself to the real world.
  • Within every unit, there are choices students can indentify with
    & have interest in.
  • Student choice should relate to artistic
    & personal or social development.
  • Students should strive to excel
    & become more productive.
  • Projects should periodically make 2 or more students work together
    & seek common needs.
  • Students should have required research with a theme
    & within parameteres that focus their ideas for what they are creating.
  • Projects should create connections with things the students are familiar with
    & tie in prior knowledge into other subject matters.
  • Each student can be powerful in a socially positive
    & a classroom appropriate way.
Art Process Cultural Identity Social Learning