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June 2003 Teri gets hired to work at James Memorial High School, teaching painting, print, photo & computer art!
September 2001 Erika enters the world of Middle School with her mother watching over her shoulder.
May 2000 Jim graduates from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with his PhD.
September 1998 Jim gets his first job teaching college level history.
July 1998 Teri gets her first job as an art teacher @ Spring Harbor Middle School.
March 1996 Jim gets a vasectomy.
February 29, 1996 Monika Katherine is born on Leap Year Day!
January 1996 Ford family returns to Madison, Wisconsin.
December 1995 My brother, James Edward Parris, marries Valentina Casilio.
November 9, 1994 Jessika Lynn is born just in time to move to Ausburg 2 weeks later.
August 1994 I move back to California and Jim moves to Augsburg, Germany.
August 1991 Move to Madison, Wisconsin.
December 1990 Jim graduates from the University of California, Santa Cruz with honors.
November 11, 1990 Erika Kristiana is born on Veteran's Day.
May 1990 I graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a BFA.
August 27,1988 Marry the boy next door, James Thomas Ford.
April 1, 1988 That boy next door askes me to marry him @ Bridalvale Falls, Yosemite.
June 1983 I graduate from Saugus High on the same day my mom has her hysterectomy.
October 1977 I move next door to a boy I end up spending the rest of my life with...
September 1969 My brother is born and offers me the opportunity of learning how to share...
September 1965 Birth...